What does it mean by a crow dream?

Animals and birds appear in a dream for a reason. And even more interesting is the dream with such a bird as a crow. There are many signs and superstitions associated with it around the world. Why is the crow dreaming?

The crow and the raven are birds, perhaps the most associated with the world of magic, and it is not by chance that they dream. The number of birds is also important: one or a flock, and their behavior: whether they sit on a branch, circle, scatter, croak. Let’s see the interpretation of dreams about a crow in popular dream books.

Crow in Vanga’s dream book

This bird serves as a messenger of misfortunes: conflicts, diseases, crop failure, death.

Crow in Freud’s dream book

The crow or raven says that the current relationship is not deep enough. Perhaps they lack intimacy and common interests.

Crow in Miller’s dream book

The crow is an unkind messenger and usually dreams of sad events. Hearing their croaking in a dream promises someone’s bad influence and wrong decisions. And for young men, a dream warns of some intrigues from ladies.

Crow in Kananita’s dream book

A crow dreams of troubles and failures in business, and the croaking of this bird portends bad news.

Crow in Tsvetkov’s dream book

Seeing a crow in a dream promises loss, misfortune or delay in business. A croak portends bad news, and a flock of flying birds portends a funeral.

Crow in the dream book of Antonio Meneghetti

The crow is not only a bad herald, but also a symbol of wisdom. According to this dream book, such a dream indicates the presence of excessive guardianship on the part of the mother or another woman and dependence on her in her decisions.

Crow in Miss Hasse’s dream book

According to this dream book, to hear croaking in a dream is bad news; to see birds sitting on trees – to a meeting with relatives, a family gathering; catch them with your hands – express disagreement; the flying crow is a symbol of imminent death.

Crow in the Family Dream Book

Such a dream is negative and prophesies sad events in the family, for example, a serious illness of one of the family members. But if the crows scatter at your approach – this is a good sign, trouble will bypass your house.

Crow in the Esoteric dream book

The crow dreams of slander and rumors. They should not be trusted. If the bird is dead, such a situation will not bring harm, croaking – to resentment, a flock of birds – to public squabbles.

Crow in the Old Russian dream book

A sitting crow speaks of the imminent end of old affairs. To kill a crow in a dream is to triumph over the enemy. To catch her is to avoid misfortune.

Crow in the Persian dream book

To hold a crow in your hands in a dream – to a waking meeting with a person who is not worth attention. Hunting these birds is a waste of time. Plucking feathers – goodbye.

Crow in the Astrological dream book

A flock of crows advises to be careful: ill-wishers may try to cash in on your troubles. One bird promises loneliness and hermitage.

Crow in the Big Modern Dream Book

A flying crow portends financial losses, jumping on the ground – sad events, croaking over your head – a bad influence.

Crow in the 21st century dream book

A screaming crow is not a very good sign, sitting nearby – to trouble, flying – to bad news, and killing a bird means defeating the enemy. If you dream that a crow carried something in its beak and dropped it, then in reality you will find a find, a gift or profit.

If there are a lot of ravens, and even more so if they circle above you, this does not bode well. At best, the loss of something valuable, at worst, mourning for someone.

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