What are the reasons that make people drug addicts and what can be done about it?

Drug addiction can happen at any age. Although there are foretelling signs that one could see before it happens. If a child has gone through some traumas, there might be a chance that they may develop drug addiction at a later point in time. Drug addiction is not only subjected towards the teens, it can happen to adults more likely. Adults live a very fast lifestyle where they have to juggle work and family life altogether and sometimes situations can come up that can really make it hard for the person to go about it. They might be going through a situation that they may have no way of solving so they would resort to easy feel-good things such as drugs and alcohol. These two things can make a person happy without doing anything or putting in any effort. Drug addiction can be solved, can be treated, one shouldn’t resort to easy drugs to feel better, and if they have done it and they are addicted to it, then they need real help by getting drug detox treatment. Whether it is inpatient detox nyc, outpatient, or whichever treatment program, they can get it at a drug rehab center.

If you have severely levels of drug addiction, then you will be advised inpatient treatment program. And if that is the case, you need to know how it came to this point, what are the reasons that make people drug addicts or you a drug addict in the first place? Here are the following:


Genes can play a vital role in determining if a person can become a drug addict at a later point in their life. Everything is stored in the DNA, and DNA can even store habits of a person, these habits can transfer from children to children and come up in them. For example, if a grandfather was addicted to drugs, there is a high chance that the grandchild will be as well. Genes have a very uncanny way of working and the chances of this gene passing on is always 50 percent.


The environment plays a vital role as well. If you live in a family where people smoke cigarettes, or do weed there is a high chance you will be doing that too someday. People that do drugs are always surrounded by people who do drugs as well. Therefore, environment can be a big reason for someone getting addicted to drugs.

During development.

During the development of kids, drugs can take a big role and make the person addicted at a later point. Many teens tend to do drugs only as a way to fill in some kind of a hole left by peer pressure. Kids do drugs mainly because they want to impress their friends and be accepted as someone in order to have a social circle. But this kind of a social circle only does one thing and that is being addicted to drugs. If someone does drugs at the age of 14, they have a high chance of doing drugs at the age of 19-30 and be addicted to it.

Mental issues.

A person suffering from depression and anxiety due to an event that shakes them can really make them be addicted to drugs for temporary pleasure. They do not seek any other way to solve their situation instead they opt for drugs to feel good, and then they get addicted for long-term.

These are all the things that can make a person severely addicted to drugs, but the good thing is that there is a drug rehab center in New Jersey where you can get inpatient detox to solve their drug addiction and get on the road to recovery.

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