Ways to Pick Swimsuits Based on Your Body Type

Looking for the right bathing suit for yourself can be as easy seeing in the mirror. Rather than trying on different bottoms and tops, you can determine your body type and opt for a swimsuit that can bring out its best qualities by using this guide.

For instance, if you want to hide or tuck in your tummy, you can go for tummy control swimwear and pick tops with designs or ruffles if you want to create an illusion of a bigger bust.

If you want to find the ideal swimsuit according to your body shape and type, refer to this guide below:

Long Torso

If you want to achieve the illusion of having a shorter torso, go for swimwear that can visually break up your body. Achieve that illusion or accentuate your long torso using these tips:

  • Two-toned two-piece suits with bright colours can help your waist look smaller, and your torso looks shorter.
  • Pick tankini top, bandeaukinis, and bikini styles.
  • High-cut legs, horizontal stripes, and V-shaped necklines are perfect designs for women that have long torsos.
  • Prevent wearing one-piece suits and bikini bottoms that cut straight across the hip.

Short Torso

If you belong to people with a short torso, it would be best to wear a swimsuit that can elongate your body. Also, take note of these:

  • Do not wear two-piece bikinis and strapless tops
  • Go for one-piece swimwear with asymmetrical designs, halters, and high necks
  • Make your body appear leaner and longer by using swimwear with designs down the front.
  • One-piece suits with asymmetrical designs are perfect to wear to achieve the illusion of height.Visit the site: Pii-email

No Curves

If you think that you have non-existing curves, make sure to pick a set of swimwear that can enhance your bottom and top. For that, keep in mind the following:

  • Don’t wear sliding triangle tops and tie-side bottoms.
  • Select bottoms with ruffles, skirts, and belts to look like you’ve got a larger bottom.
  • Padded or push-up tops to emphasize your chest.
  • Take advantage of tops with designs, horizontal lines, and ruffles to make your bust look larger.

Plus Size

Plus-sized people need to pick swimwear that can flatter their full figure. Some of the tips for you include:

  • Avoid solid-coloured bikinis and suits
  • A tummy control swimwear with tummy trimming features like ruching, panelling, and gathering will flatten the appearance of your stomach.
  • Prints that extend across the body or from the bust to the hip can create the illusion of a leaner and longer torso.

Small Bust

If you have a small bust, it’s important to remember these things when choosing the perfect swimwear for you:

  • Prevent flat triangle solids and tops
  • Pick a top with ruffles or horizontal lines to make the illusion of a larger bust.
  • A padded push-up or a lifting top will bring the most out of your curves.

Full Bust

Pick a top with moderate coverage that can help accentuate your bust. Here are some of the considerations for that:

  • Avoid push-up padding and skinny straps
  • Go for an underwire or halter top with supportive straps
  • Flatter your bust naturally and draw the eye up and down by wearing V-shaped necklines.
  • Thick underwire and straps can give you the support and comfort that you want.

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