Upgraded Heating Appliances For Meeting Harsh Winter Needs

As a homeowner, owning the heating appliances like Water Heater and geysers is quite common nowadays. Furthermore, timely maintenance upgrades and maintains the flow of the smooth functioning of the heating appliance. The Geyser and Water Heater models need professional assistance when it comes to servicing. As professional services are committed and work best. There are several components in Water Heater and geysers that can experience different kinds of issues and will demand service. Here we will discuss some common issues that a Geyser can encounter and when should you look for a geyser repair service.

Some Common Issues in Water Heater

  • Too Cold or Too Hot Water: Is your Water Heater supplying too hot or too cold water? If your water heater supplies too hot or not enough hot water then that states the poor condition of the water heaters thermostat. The thermostat might demand cleaning or a replacement to function back normally
  • Leaking Water: Water leakage in water heaters is again a common issue. The leakage can be caused due to the corroded tank by water that again leads to cracks. Also, if you find the leakage on the top then it can be due to loose connections of inlet or outlet pipes. Leakage at the bottom can be due to an issue in condensation
  • Strange Smell: While turning the water heater on if you notice the foul-smelling hot water then it might have a build-up of bacteria in it. If you feel the smell like rotten eggs or like sewage smell then the bacteria buildup might have taken place. You can also check or consult the geyser repair expert to inspect the anode rod for corrosion. Also, the issue in the gas line can be one of the foul smell reasons
  • Water Heater Making Noise: The strange noise-producing water heater can automatically strike your mind that something is wrong. Therefore, the excess buildup of sediments and mineral deposits can cause water heaters to make noise. When heating elements burn the sediments it leads to the formation of buildup where the heating element will have to be replaced. Also, the sound of boiling water indicates the excess heating and high pressure that is dangerous and needs quick attention
  • No Hot Water: If your water heater is not operating at all then at first, make sure the pilot light is on. In case if it is not active then turn it on immediately. Hence, if the pilot light is active and still your water heater is not supplying hot water then you need to appoint the water heater service professionals. You will also have to check the power source. Once the power source is restored the water heater should function normally. If it doesn’t happen then get the thermostat or heating element checked.

Some Common Issues in Geyser

  • Water Temperature Issues: Your geyser may not have hot water at all due to the failure of the circuit breaker. Also, there can be an issue with the heating element or thermostat. Next, if the water in your geyser is enough hot then it can be due to the small tank. Again if the temperature of the water is excessively hot or cold then the temperature settings need to be adjusted. Else, again there can be an issue with the thermostat or buildup of sediment in the geyser tank. Further, if the thermostat is adjusted with too high settings it can flow excessively hot water
  • Leakage in Geyser: Your geyser can encounter water leakage due to the damaged relief valve. In addition, the loose bolts of the heating element, excess pressure, leaking water storage tank, poor gasket condition can also be some reasons
  • Geyser is not turning on/off: Your geyser might not turn on due to issues in the power supply or improper or loose wirings. Also, if the water level is low then again the geyser will not turn on. Further, the geyser may not turn on if it is overheated
  • Continual electric shock while turning geyser on/off: Yes, you can also experience electric shocks while turning the geyser on/off. Hence, it should not be ignored and you should quickly avail of geyser service center Moreover, it can be caused due to problems in heating elements where it can crack or poor earthing can also be the reason
  • Geyser producing strange noise: The noise in a geyser is another common issue that you can experience. The geyser producing strange noise should not be ignored and needs immediate geyser service If the geyser starts producing the popping or deep rumbling noise then the geyser has a problem. However, the strange noise can be due to the buildup and accumulation of sediments in pipes or valves. So, when the water is boiled it may get stuck in the tap and makes the water flow difficult.

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