Ultimate Guide To The Different Types Of Mannequin Heads

Mannequin heads are used to display a variety of items such as glasses, hats, scarves, jewelry, ties, etc. These can be mounted on torsos or formwork. This enhances the effect of these features. These themes are offered in a variety of styles with different shapes, forms, functions, and materials. To increase sales, it is important to choose a mannequin theme that meets your needs. Below are some of the different headliners available on the market.

Styrofoam mannequin heads

These are used to display items such as wigs and are available in both forms. Mannequin heads made of styrofoam are easy to give to businesses to attract professionals. The polystyrene makes it easy to attach wigs to these mannequins. This allows you to display wigs in a variety of styles and designs. The best thing about styrofoam wigs is their cost effectiveness compared to other options on the market.

Canvas Block Mannequin Head

This type of mannequin head is made of PU foam with a canvas cap. It allows air to escape, so it is odor resistant, and if it does have an odor, it disappears quickly. The canvas block head comes with a raised hole that does not need to be nailed up. The mannequin is strong enough to support hours of washing, styling, and displaying wigs. Unlike simple styrofoam heads, it will not believe a pin prick. It provides perfect support regardless of the shape or length of the wig.

PE mannequin head

This mannequin head is made of PE material and has holes on the inside. This theme is suitable for supporting jewelry, hats, glasses, and masks. This head can be rotated and turned in any direction. Made of high quality plastic, this head has been given a special makeover for a perfect look. Removing this mannequin head is possible and inexpensive in several ways on the market.

PVC mannequin head

This mannequin head can be shouldered and is ideal for showcasing wigs; it is made from PVC material and packed in PU foam; the PVC mannequin head is flexible but can withstand falls from a desk or elevator position. The theme of this genre is a natural look that reflects objects such as sunglasses, wigs, hats, and necklaces. The head comes with a base on the bottom and can be used three times to hold it. The head comes with a wig cap and is ideal for holding a wig.

Fiberglass Mannequin Head

This mannequin head is made of high quality fiberglass for durability. Fiberglass heads are designed to look natural and can be painted to further enhance their effect. The longevity of these hairstyles makes them ideal for displaying sunglasses, wigs, necklaces, headphones, hats, and hair salons. Therefore, when you buy fiberglass heads, you pay less compared to buying heads made of other materials on the market.

Faceless Mannequin Head

Faceless mannequin heads offer the perfect way to create awareness or interest in something that is a good or wrong base in a variety of shapes. Faceless mannequins can completely eliminate concealing or abstract facial features. To add expression to the entire head, a variety of glossy finishes are available that capture the expression of light. This allows the mannequin head to stand out and deliver results.

Mannequin Head and Hair

Showing a wig on a mannequin is a very fulfilling experience. Therefore, maintaining the wigs is not always easy, and over time the wigs can become unattractive. Fortunately, using mannequin heads and hair is a better choice. The head and hair are made of the same material. The hair on the wig may not have the same characteristics as these wigs, but it can give the impression that the hair is used to accentuate the head.


Your store display can make or break your business. Therefore, great care should be taken while designing your site to ensure that you get the right driving experience. Mannequin headpieces make impressive displays of jewelry, hats, wigs, and sunglasses. Well-designed hair extensions can show off your unique style. It is very important to choose a mannequin theme that makes the items stand out and does not consume too much space in your store.

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