Top Ancient Egypt Slots 

The ancient valley of kings has long been a favourite of slot players at nodepositslots, the instantly recognisable iconography coupled with the real life legends that surround them make Ancient Egypt a fascinating place. There are many slot releases which use this theme, making it tough to pick out the very best Ancient Egypt slot games. 

Ancient Egypt 

People have a certain fascination with ancient Egypt, whether that be the almighty pyramids, the pharaohs or the buried kings. There is just something intrinsically interesting about ancient Egypt. This means that Egyptian iconography is instantly recognisable to people, making it the perfect basis for a slot game. Pharaohs, ancient hieroglyphics and towering pyramids are all used in this slot theme, players should also expect to hear catchy and true to Egypt music through these slots. Whether it be a pure fantasy, exploring dark caves in search of lost treasure or a slot based in history and legend such as Cleopatra, Egypt slots provide more than enough variety for players to be entertained for hours. 

Best slots 

With such a rich and vast history, there is alot for slot developers to pull from when it comes to this theme. The very best Ancient Egypt slots manage to blend fantasy with reality, incorporating mythology with real life history. 

  1. Cleopatra – This slot was developed by IGT and it uses the eponymous lady as inspiration. Players will enjoy the detailed and colourful reel design, with Cleopatra herself popping up as the jackpot symbol.
  2. Egyptian Heroes – This slot was developed by NetEnt and it features some luscious graphics which depict ancient hieroglyphics. The reels are adorned with mystical pharaohs and creatures. The slot also offers a golden win line. 

Other history themed slots 

Ancient Egypt is not the only historical theme which is popular amongst players. If you fancy using a slot that takes players back in time, there are several themes which you will be able to choose from. 

  •     Prehistoric times – One of the more popular history themes involves a time before humans ruled the earth, when dinosaurs were the top predator. These history slots take players back to a different earth and will often feature dinosaurs such as  the t rex and velociraptors.
  •     Wild West – Another popular history theme is the wild west, these slots allow players to become outlaws in a land without rules. The landscapes of this theme help them to stand out from the crowd and memorable characters ensure that players will want to keep coming back to these slots time and again.
  •     Rome – These slots take players back to a time with gladiators and coliseums. Rome slots make full use of the instantly recognisable iconography of the period, with sound effects and music also used to replicate the unique environment. 

Final Thoughts 

Ancient Egypt slot games are very popular with players, hence why so many are released every year. These games can explore the mystical or take players back to a historically accurate time, the sheer variety that this theme offers is precisely what makes it so special.

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