Top 5 Signs of a Collapsed Drain

A collapsed drain is a dangerous plumbing issue that can cause a number of problems in your home. Drain collapses typically don’t happen overnight but are instead issues that usually stem from months or even years of neglect. They can cause long-term damage to not just your plumbing system, but potentially your entire home if left alone.

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So in this post, we’ll be covering 5 of the top signs that you might have a collapsed drain.

A lingering sewage smell in and around your home

One of the very first and most obvious signs of a collapsed drain is the smell of sewage around your home. This usually indicates that there is a plumbing-related issue that is making it hard for waste to be flushed out of your home’s plumbing system. In most cases, this usually means a collapsed drain. It could be causing waste to get stuck as it tries to leave your property, and this can cause nasty smells around your home.

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Damp floors, walls, or even ceilings

If you have a collapsed drain, then the flow of water around your home might be affected. This usually leads to wastewater leaking out into the structure of your home, leading to a variety of moisture-related problems like damp floors, walls, and ceilings. These can start as mould and then get progressively worse with large wet patches and damaged walls.

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Slow sink and bath drains

If you’ve noticed that your sink or bath drains have suddenly become very slow, then it’s an indication that something is preventing your drainage system from working properly. In many cases, this can be caused by a collapsed drain. If water isn’t leaving your home correctly, you might end up with blockages that cause slow drains.

Frequent rodent infestations in your home

Rodent infestations are also a fairly common symptom of collapsed drains. This is because a poor drainage system might end up causing water to leak out, creating puddles that allow rodents and pests to breed. It essentially becomes a reliable water source for rodents, giving them more reason to hang around your home. If you’ve noticed a recent increase in rodent sightings in and around your home, then there’s a chance it could be caused by a collapsed drain.

Various problems with your lawn or yard

Lawn and yard-related problems are often related to plumbing issues. This is because a collapsed drain leaks water out into your yard, causing issues such as accelerated grass growth. In some severe cases, it may even cause the ground around your home to sink due to water weakening the soil and earth. So if you notice changes or problems with your lawn or yard, it could be caused by your plumbing system.

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If you notice any of these signs, then it’s important to call a licensed plumber to help repair your collapsed drains. The process is usually fairly quick and will help you avoid further problems in the future that will lead to expensive repair costs and damage to your home.

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