Top 5 Scholarships to Study in Italy

Most students find studying abroad to be an enriching experience. Italy is one of the top choices due to the high quality of education available in the country. Another reason why Italy is popular among students is the presence of tourist attractions there. The country is primarily recognised for its rich history, ruins, and scenic beauty. If you would like to combine education with some exploration, Italian universities may be your best bet. Universities in Italy provide scholarships to talented international students who wish to enhance their skills and expand their knowledge.

Here are the five best scholarships that international students yearning to study in Italy should consider:

1. The Italian Government Scholarship for Foreign Students

The Italian government is quite enthusiastic about assisting meritorious students in enrolling in its colleges. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation offers several valuable scholarships to international students wanting to study in the top Italian colleges. Apart from giving access to high-quality education, this scholarship also pays for students’ expenses. Candidates from all around the world are welcome to apply for Bachelor’s as well as Master’s degrees.

Grant: The scholarship is worth €8,100 per year or $1,000 in monthly allowance. It covers tuition fees, health and medical insurance, and financial grants.

2. EDISU Piemonte Scholarship

The EDISU Piemonte scholarship is available to international students from outside the European Union (EU). It is offered to students who opt to study at universities recognised by Piedmont. There are, however, a few prerequisites.

Non-EU international students attending full-time Bachelor’s, Master’s, Single Cycle Master’s, or Ph.D. Degree courses at any of the Piedmont universities (such as Politecnico di Torino, University of Torino, and University of Eastern Piedmont) can apply for EDISU scholarship if they fit the merit and economic criteria. The scholarship amount fluctuates depending on various factors. Part-time students enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree program are eligible to apply. Non-resident students may also be provided with accommodation services.

Grant: The scholarship amount depends on the competence and merit of the candidate.

3. University of Bologna Study Grants for International Students

The University of Bologna provides study grants to worthy international students looking to study in Italy. The offer is available for students who enrol in First Cycle (Bachelor’s), Second Cycle (Master’s), or Single Cycle Degree Programmes at the university. Each study scholarship is for one academic year. Some exceptional students may receive extra benefits.

Grant: Study grant for the academic year worth €11,059 and the full tuition fee.

4. Merit and Bocconi International Awards

The University of Bocconi provides some of the best scholarships in Italy. This grant is available to overseas students studying in Italy. It is intended for students pursuing Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees.

Merit and Bocconi International Awards reimburse the entire cost of tuition for individuals selected for the scholarship. For international students, University of Bocconi offers two popular programmes. It is important to note that since the grant amount is high, the selection process is tough and highly competitive.

Grant: Undergraduate students can get up to $14,500 in rewards, whereas graduates can get up to $15,700.

5. Politecnico International Scholarships

Politecnico di Torino, located in Turin, Italy, is one of the world’s major engineering research institutions. The institution provides merit-based scholarships to foreign candidates enrolled in engineering and architectural programmes. With a scholarship at this university, you will be able to pursue your dream of becoming a highly trained engineer.

Grant: Tuition fees are waived, approximately €8,000 per academic year.

Italy is a major centre for higher education in the EU. With these prestigious scholarships, you can fulfil your aspirations of studying in Italy without incurring a big expenditure.

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