Top 5 Project Management Tools in 2021

A software project management tool is a software, or a mobile app or a platform. This tool assists the project team in planning, managing, monitoring and executing projects efficiently and effectively. The best tools are easy to use, provide features such as task management, communication management, document sharing, and real time reporting, make it easier for the project management team to collaborate, share, create reports, manage resources, update progress, etc. Simple and shorter duration projects may require nothing more than a spreadsheet while complex and longer duration projects may require multiple components in one project management tool.

You may come across various project management certifications in the market, but a PMP Certification offered by PMI is one of the best and globally recognized certifications in project management.  To prepare yourself for acquiring a PMP certification, you can explore the PMP Certification Training Course offered by Techcanvass, which is conducted by PMI authorized instructors. There are a plethora of project management tools available in the market and it can be difficult to find the one which suits the needs. This article discusses some of the most widely used project management tools.

Zoho Projects

Zoho projects is a cloud-based project management software. It helps plan the projects, track the project work efficiently, and collaborate with all the teams. This tool contains a plethora of features to help the project management team. 

  • The feature of task management helps in work breakdown structure, issue management, Gantt Charts, Dependencies, recurrence, etc. The customization feature helps in creating custom layouts, fields, views, functions, domains, templates, and tags.
  • The team collaboration helps in getting feeds, mentions users/roles, chatting, discussing in forums, and sharing documents. Automation feature Zoho projects helps in creating blueprint, SLAs, business rules, webhooks, notification, and workflow rules. 
  • Time management allows the project management team to enable task timers, log & track timesheet, invoicing, budgeting, and view activities in a calendar. 
  • The users of this tool can use Charts and Reports feature to view basic or advanced status reports, issue reports, timesheet reports, dashboard, budget forecasting, and Earned Value Management. 
  • The user administration section of this tool helps in creating profiles, defining access permission & roles, and managing resources and client users. 
  • Mismanaging a section of a project might have a domino effect, resulting in business failure. This necessitates the creation of a thorough project management plan aimed at assisting you in managing the entire project. You must devote time to creating this plan because it necessitates a complete presentation of data. You can go to to Quickly Create Strategic Project Management Plans for Systematic Coordination of Resources in All Projects and Endeavors to make them simple. You can also edit online, download, print, or email your document.

Zoho’s other applications Sprints, Analytics, CRM, Desk, Books & Invoice, Cliq, Mail, Meeting, People and Flow can be seamlessly integrated with Zoho projects. It can also be integrated with Google Calendar, Tasks, Spreadsheets, Drive, Apps Marketplace, Gmail, Chrome Extension, Microsoft Excel, Outlook Calendar, OneDrive, Office 365, Teams, Dropbox, Box, Github, Gitea, Gitlab, Bitbucket, iCal, Slack, Zapier, Zendesk, and ServiceNow. This tool helps import projects from Microsoft Project, Jira and Basecamp.


Like all other software project management tools, Asana also provides features to help manage projects from start to end.  

  • This tool lets you organise work into shared projects, helps break down work packages into tasks & subtasks, visualize milestones & tasks assignees, and group tasks into sections. 
  • It will also help you customize fields, rules, forms, templates, and sync tasks across projects. 
  • The views and reporting feature let you know where the work stands and check what is happening across the organization. 
  • The admin control feature helps create and manage teams and team settings ensuring that all have access to the right information. The communication component links your communication to teams, projects, and tasks to help understand the current status of the project. 

Asana helps to integrate with other tools to make it easier to track all the work in one place.


The most important feature of ClickUp is that it provides more than 15 powerful views to tackle work from any angle. The users of this tool can customize everything to manage any type of project, no code or add-ons are required. 

  • Customization can help with automations, relationships, integrations, and templates. You can streamline teamwork with its powerful collaboration features to work with different teams on any type of project. 
  • You would be able to collaborate on product ideas, document bugs, edit in real-time with others, and keep everyone updated with a visual knowledge base by ClickUp’s Document & Share feature. 
  • You would be able to manage resources, track progress and set goals more effectively with the use of its powerful reporting features. 
  • The time management feature provides global time tracking from any device to track, estimate and report. 


Jira is the most widely used project management tool for agile projects and teams. It supports Scrum and Kanban boards, which in turn provide an immediate snapshot of the project to the team, to quickly review the progress of the project and check the status of the individual tasks. Jira also helps customize the board workflow. 

  • Jira supports numerous business templates for managing simple and complex tasks. These templates can be customized based on the teams and their approach.
  • Jira can help define the tasks at the individual level to track the progress. 
  • The search feature of this tool contains basic, quick and advanced functionality. Users of this tool can use @mention to get the attention of a specific team member in the comments and description section. 
  • It also supports voting and watching features to check the progress for the stakeholders. 
  • Users can customize notifications. Jira supports more than a dozen reports monitoring the progress over a timeframe. These reports are easier to understand and generate to analyze the team’s progress and can be customized to the needs of the stakeholders. 

The beauty of this tool is that it supports any business team and any project regardless of size and complexity. It supports more than 100 add-ins to integrate with different software.

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 Microsoft Project

This is one the best project management software programs. It comes in handy for the project managers that helps them develop a schedule, allocate resources, manage budget, monitor the progress, and analyze the workloads of an ongoing project. It provides a centralized view to quickly access important and top projects, create new projects easily or open most recently worked projects. 

  • The managers can plan and manage projects using an ordered list of tasks in the GridView. The board view helps managers to visually track project tasks for better workflow and status. 
  • The timeline (Gantt) view helps track and understand the dates, assignments and the relationships of the project tasks in a visual timeline view. It seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams to work together on projects through collaboration and communication. Project team members can work together with other stakeholders, simultaneously, to edit and update tasks list, project schedules and other activities. 
  • This is a part of the Co-authoring feature of MS Project. The users of this tool can use pre-built reports to track progress on the projects, resources, programs and portfolios. It provides a feature to build visual and interactive roadmaps by aggregating different project types across the organization for better visibility. 
  • It helps in capturing project work and non-project work which can be used on payroll, invoicing, and other business activities. It also helps in portfolio selection & optimization, demand management and enterprise resource planning and management.If You Need More Information Visit: getinstagram


One of the feedback received from its customer says that the use of Wrike has reduced email by 90% and teams send fewer emails and get more done with Wrike. It is intuitive and enhances high-level project planning. 

  • Users can use calendars & dashboards, Gantt Charts & Kanban Boards and get an overview of tasks, project lifecycles, & portfolio analytics.
  • It simplifies collaboration across teams, document sharing, proofing, approvals, and version control. It helps customize for better client & resource management, time & budget tracking, protect sensitive client data and create & share reports with clients.
  • It can integrate with over 400 cloud-based & onsite apps like Slack, Adobe, Salesforce, etc.


Kissflow is a simple to use project management tool for managing complex projects. Users can use its Kanban View to organize tasks into columns, and visualize the workflow. 

  • They can also sort the tasks in terms of due date, priority, assigned person and other parameters using its List View. 
  • Its Matrix View gives clarity on who is working on what and understands the communication, connections and handoffs. 
  • Users can see a list of their tasks and personal to-do list in the My Task View. Users can check the states of tasks to get the correct information. They can also customize the forms using its form builder and can choose from over 25 field types. 
  • The tasks management features allow the managers to create WBS, set deadlines, assign responsibilities, set alerts & notifications, and get activity feeds. Users can share documents, provide comments & feedback, search past information, and directly comment, post to others using @Mention making the collaboration & communication contextual. 
  • Managers can use the reports feature to visualize the flow efficiency of the team, cycle time, cumulative flow, and lead time. 

Besides all these features, KissFlow has data security which can be used to define roles, grant permissions, and check the history using activity logs.

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