Things You Should Consider Before Buying A Bar Fridge

Refrigerators are more than a basic necessity these days. If chosen carefully, they add style and glamour to your kitchen. For instance, a quality bar fridge keeps your drinks cool and adds a certain charm to your pool parties and dinners.

A good fridge lasts somewhere around 10-12 years at least. However, a lack of research and knowledge while buying a fridge can tie you with a lesser efficient appliance and substantial utility bills.

So, what metrics should you keep in mind while buying a fridge? 

Keep reading this article to learn a few things you should consider in a refrigerator while buying.

What Is A Bar Fridge? 

A bar fridge is a small refrigerator for storing drinks and beverage garnishes. These tiny refrigerators function like any conventional fridge and can be placed underneath tables.

So, the next time you see a bartender taking drinks from under the table, know there’s a compact fridge beneath the counter.

Different Types Of Bar Fridges

Many people often confuse bar fridges with beverage coolers and mini-fridges. Although each of these appliances is used for the same purpose, their utility differs on various fronts.

A bar refrigerator is a broader concept, while beverage coolers and underbar fridges are an extension. Then again, while an underbar fridge is a compact version of a bar fridge, beverage coolers are not.

Beverage coolers cannot function as conventional fridges. They can only keep your drinks cool and condense. Moreover, beverage coolers are tall in size than underneath fridges, which can be easily fit inside a table as well.

Below is a list of bar cooler features that’ll help you understand the difference better.

Features Of A Bar Fridge 


Bar fridges come in an array of shapes and sizes. For instance, if you don’t want to get a very stylish design, you can go for a small fridge. A compact fridge can be fitted under the counter or table of your table and won’t ruin the ambience of your bar.

However, if you want to put the drinks on display for people to notice, like at a party or barbeque, a beverage cooler is a better choice.


Every fridge has interior lighting that helps you see your items stored in the device. Depending on the model and style of the fridge you’re considering buying, the lighting may vary.

For example, some bar fridges have multiple lighting options to complement a party environment. However, others might not. Regular or less expensive fridges usually come with warm or white-tone for visibility.


Bar fridges either come with sliding or swing doors. Depending on your requirement and preference, you can go for either option. 


Now shelving is a very vital aspect to consider in appliances like a bar fridge. The number of shelves in the fridge gives you an idea of its storage capacity. The more the shelves, the more prominent will the size be and the more they can store.

Investing in a fridge with more shelves would be better if you run a bar or have a catering business. However, if you require a bar cooler for your home, a small fridge with lesser shelves will also suffice.

Things You Should Know Before Buying A Bar Fridge 

Now that you know the concept, differences and features of bar fridges and their extension, it’s time to delve into a few don’t’s and do’s.

Below are a few things to measure and keep in mind while buying bar fridges.

    1. Expensive doesn’t equate that the appliance being better. The features and needs do. An expensive fridge might be eye-pleasing, but if it doesn’t satisfy your needs, it’s not worth it.
    2. Check the reviews of the refrigerator you’re considering buying. If possible, connect with someone who has the same model and connect with them to see if it’s the right choice for you.
    3. Scan through the features of the appliance and understand its functioning. Have the dealer demonstrate the device working to you to have a better idea.

Summing Up

Following all the above measures and evaluating the refrigerator on these metrics is certain to save you from making a buying blunder. 

After all, it’s essential to understand your choices and the product features to make an informed choice.

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