The Most Iconic Movie Themes and Adaptations Still Relevant Today

When it comes to film adaptations, people often ask me why certain themes or stories never get adapted. I always answer that they don’t because no one wants to see them, but I should probably say that some films are better left alone. There is nothing wrong with leaving well enough alone while playing bestusacasinosites casino games. In my opinion, these are some of the greatest movie themes and adaptations ever released.

1) Titanic (1997)

I know this isn’t an adaptation per se, but since it was based off a novel, it falls under the same category as other book adaptations…so, there. Ha-ha. Anyways, what makes this theme so iconic is not only how it reflects our society in today’s times, but also this quote: “It really doesn’t matter whether you’re ‘the biggest fish in the sea,’ or ‘just another minnow,’ someone will find a way to eat you.”

2) Schindler’s List (1993)

This theme reminds us all that we shouldn’t judge others for being different from us soap2dayto. This movie, along with Saving Private Ryan, reminded us that even though most Nazis were horrible people, there are some good ones out there too. It also shows us that everyone has their reasons for doing things and, if you can accept them, maybe your enemy can be just as human as yourself.

3) Star Wars (1977)

George Lucas wanted to give his audience something more than just robots fighting evil space aliens. He wanted to portray what would happen if war broke out between two alien races who had lived in peace for generations. We still hold on to some of this message almost 40 years later. Besides, who hasn’t dreamed about being a part of a galaxy far away?

4) Jaws (1975)

You might be wondering why this theme doesn’t make number 3 on this list. Well, technically it does, but I feel like it belongs higher up thanks to its influence on pop culture. If you haven’t seen this movie on Netflix streaming, you really should check it out! It has everything: great characters, suspenseful moments, amazing visuals, jaw-dropping CGI, and epic music. And yes, those sounds do add a lot to the atmosphere of the entire movie.


These movies gained so much traction over the decades, earning them themed seats in many arenas, from best australian online casino game development, to the real-world clothing and fashion industry, among others!

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