• Hygiene Labs products are non-toxic or poisonous
  • Once cured it will not wash off
  • Technology has been tested in independent laboratories globally and has a 99.99% kill rate.
  • There is no reduction. Most tests confirm <1% reduction in efficacy.

Imagine using a product that is not only effective in protecting you against harmful germs, bacteria and infection, but is durable too. Saving you time and money, while putting your first. Under our present circumstances, we have all been challenged to heighten our hygiene protocols, especially when going to the malls, travelling locally and internationally, and in our homes.

Hygiene Labs has the perfect solution when it comes to a product that is not only effective but durable. Their range of alcohol-free hand sanitisers, hospital grade surface disinfectant spray and skin and surface wipes, have been developed using ground-breaking sanitisation and persistent antimicrobial technologies.


Hygiene Labs uses 5th generation SiQuat technology. This technology is known for high performance and antimicrobial protection on surfaces and skin. It is commonly used as an alternative treatment and kills germs by lysis,which involves breaking down a membrane of a cell, instead of using toxic chemicals. The 5th generation SiQuat technology is recognized as one of the world’s most advanced non-volatile, surface bonded antimicrobials. This means that all Hygiene Labs’s products are safe for you, your family, plants, pets and the environment holistically.

This technology has gone through extensive tests by leading microbiological institutions across the globe. All of the Hygiene Labs products have been manufactured with this technology and can be used all over the world, whether you’re travelling to your local grocery store, or on your way to another country, you don’t have to worry about carrying hazardous disinfectants or sanitisers on your person. Hygiene Labs focuses on prevention control and your protection against harmful bacteria, germs or infections is an absolute priority.

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The SiQuat Technology also employs lock and bond.This means that after using the product and while it dries on your skin or surfaces, the active molecule changes from a monomer to a polymer, which allows it to bond to the surface. Once the molecule is bound, it employs the ultimate durability and continuous, persistent protection against germs.

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This means that when using any product from the Hygiene Labs range, from hand-sanitisers to surface disinfectants, you’ll have long term protection. You will not have to apply the product every time you are exposed to a new environment or different people. The surface and skin bond is capable of providing high levels of microbial protection and control for up to 24 hours. Hygiene Lab’s products can be applied to a diverse range of substrates, which includes, natural, synthetic textiles, urethane foam substrates, fibre fill, various plastics, timber, most metals, including stainless steel.

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SiQuat technology is more common than you think, it is just a matter of doing more research on the products you’re using before buying them. If you’re environmentally conscious or trying to find the safest means to protect yourself, your family and the environment from toxic chemicals, this type of information is crucial.

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