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The 4 Types of Hot Water Systems

You probably know that there are 4 types of hot water systems, but do you know all about them and how they function? Well, you don’t have to be in the dark anymore.

1. Electric Heaters

An electric hot water system works to keep water hot using electricity. However, there are types of immersion elements (internal heating elements) that determine how the heater works.

The first type of immersion element uses the J Tariff. This tariff only works on specific occasions known as off-peak hours to power the heater.

The M Tariff immersion element continuously siphons electricity to heat the water in a tank. This internal heating element has no “off” hours and only stops working when water is at an optimal temperature.

A dual-element heater (Twin Element Heater) comes with both the J Tariff and the M Tariff. The former works during off-peak hours, and the latter works whenever the water temperature reduces to an unsuitable level.

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2. Solar Heaters

Solar heaters come in various sizes, shapes, and styles, but they all have one thing in common. They use solar energy to heat water.

The ability of a solar heater to use this form of energy stems from the solar collectors that use harness solar energy to heat a water tank. The position of the solar collectors does not matter as long as they can absorb energy from the sun.

Solar heaters work just about anywhere, but some work better in certain climates than others.

3. Gas Heaters

Like most tanks, gas heater tanks work on mains water pressure and rely on it for water supply. Once the tank is full, the built-in thermostat activates and starts to sense the temperature of the water.

As soon as the thermostat activates, heating will begin until the water temperature meets the thermostat’s requirement. At this point, the thermostat automatically shuts off and starts to maintain the temperature of the water.

As soon as hot water leaves the tank, cold water flows in through the mains, mixing with the leftover hot water. This mixture reduces the overall temperature within the tank, and when it drops below the thermostat’s setting, the heating process begins again.

4. Heat Pump Heaters

Heat pump heaters are budget-friendly water systems that run on heat. With a heat pump water system, the heat pumps absorb hot air from the surrounding atmosphere and heat water in the tank.

With the use of this type of water system, water in a tank gets hot, and the process does not affect the environment. This heater is suitable for any climate but tends to break quicker in colder areas.

Installation should occur in a place with excellent ventilation, which is usually outdoors, and it takes about 2 to 3 hours to complete.

The Bottom Line

After reading about the 4 types of hot water systems, uncertainty should be a thing of the past. However, sometimes the decision can be tricky. A good plumber can help you decide which types of hot water systems are best for you in those situations.

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