Steps To Give Your Dog A Right Bath

The dogs behave the same as children when it comes to bathing. It can be hard to give them a bath to make them clean. If you have a dog as a pet, you know how much a dog loves to play in the dirt or outside with its toys. In playing all day, they get too dirty even to let them enter the house. It is because they will likely make the whole house dirty with their dirty paws and body.

So it is necessary to give your dog a regular bath to keep them healthy and clean. The bathing will keep them away from any infection. Bathing is a first step to start with dirty dog grooming and it would be best if you took care of your pup or dog while bathing them. And if you are new to this pet parenting thing, below are the proper steps to help you bathe your puppy.

Gather All Things You Need

The first step or tip is to gather all things which you might need during bathing your dog. Gather all kinds of stuff like shampoo, tub, weather and towels etc., according to your need. Putting everything in one place before getting your dog saves a lot of time and makes it easy to bathe them. You can make their bathtub ready to bath by putting all the cleansing material like soap and shampoo.

Start By Keeping Your Dog Safe

It is very important to take care of dogs’ safety as they start jumping, lunging or running when you start bathing them. So you can use the smooth bathtub to take care of the body while giving them the bath in it. You can also use a leash on them if they try to run or stop you while bathing. It would be best if you bathed them on a non-slippery surface to prevent accidents from slipping. You can also use rubber mats to prevent bathtubs from slipping.

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Use Proper Shampoo

It would help if you read first about the use of the products you wish to use in a dog’s bath. Because all the bathing products like shampoo, soap etc., are made focusing the health of dogs. So you should follow the steps written on the products on how to use them. For example, you can use a shampoo that promotes hair growth in dogs. Use the shampoo on the whole body and do not leave any part to clean them properly. You can use shampoo twice if you do not bathe them regularly.

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Give Them Shower

Next, after shampoo is showering them. Shower their whole body properly and rub their whole body to remove all dirt from their body. Rinse their whole body until they are properly clean. Finally, wash your dog off with clean water; make sure that the water temperature is right. Try to use the dry towel to dry your puppy up properly. You can also use the hairdryer for your comfort. But do not use the hairdryer at maximum power; it can damage the hairs of the body.

These are the few tips on the steps in which you can shower your dog. Of course, it is your duty to make them comfortable while giving them a bath.

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