Exploring and adventure is a part of life, and for individuals who live in Australia, going on a road trip adventure is not very difficult. Those who don’t own a car can just rent it from reliable rentals like Blacktown car rental or other similar rentals. Vacations are vital for the mental and physical wellbeing for any individual for that matter, as it helps one to relax and rejuvenate into their stable state of wellbeing through the source of a change in their busy working schedule. But what about those individuals who currently have 9-5 jobs for the whole year and only have weekends for holidays? It’s kind of sad, isn’t it?

But there’s nothing to worry about as this article sums up the top ways to rejuvenate within that short time and still have enough time to get back to work and get set with life.

1) Serpentine National Park in Perth

Well known amongst all the localities in Australia, it’s one of the most affordable and accessible destinations- being an hour away from driving through the south. This destination offers a variety of many species and some rare animals to see from a distance. In addition to that, it also has many swimming spots to enlighten family and kids along too, being a great package of fun and knowledge about many animals and the wildlife around. However, if you’d instead opt for a peaceful destination away from people and the city noise, this destination is certainly not for you due to its state of being over-packed and crowded all the time.

2) The Pinnacles

This exotic, and quite a weird environment, which is a portion of Nambung National Park, must be seen to be trusted.

Many people opt for the pinnacles for a day vacation as it’s the perfect combination of having a little bit of theme park and an exotic, unique environment for an ideal change of place and atmosphere. However, the pinnacles are often far from the Center of Australia and may have many individuals opt for rented cars from Blacktown car rental, which isn’t a bad idea after all.

3) Avon valley

This valley is a destination that is accessible about two hours away from the city of Perth, while it also covers many residents nearby. It offers many things, including a clean river with many harmless animals that families and children could feed and pet, including a safari ride in the dunes. There are also options for dinosaur hunting and treks that the valley and other tourism organisations associated with it offer for ongoing visitors. Lastly, it’s a combination of adventure, misters, and peacefulness, all sealed within a destination itself.

4) Busselton

It is located from the south of the city, Perth while being appropriately 200 kilometres and a 3-hour drive towards the south. It’s well known for the enormous wooden pier it already is, almost ranking to the number one in the whole world. Moreover, this destination is feasible and accessible simultaneously, like all the necessities for a family or an individual are available at a distance of 1-2 km away. It’s a sheltered area for the sea and the whales as well. The wooden pier is as long as a drive that could be taken, that gives the perfect visual view for the sea life and the seaweed and all the fishes underwater. This destination is perfect for marine freaks and kids, and family as it’s completely safe and new.

5) Fremantle

The southern road of Perth leads you to a city called the “Freo” that is 30 minutes away from your starting point, having its own USPS of being perfect for a chilled day out with friends or your partner. It is also known for brewing fresh beer and offering various flavours and delicacies for the foodies out there. Lastly, its flea markets on fixed days offer various ornaments and stuff to try out for all the younger generation out there.

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