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Reasons to start candidate skills testing immediately

If you are a recruiter wondering about the need for candidate skills assessment, then we’d suggest you read this article properly. But the main gist of what you need to know are employment skills tests are important and you need an online skills testing software system for the most effectiveness.

Let’s start with skills tests and why they are necessary for recruitment

Skills tests are ways to evaluate a job applicant’s competency and potential level. Recruiters and employers cannot rely only on interviews to gauge a candidate’s abilities. Most interviews are limited to an hour which isn’t nearly enough to get to know a candidate, ask about their career history, question their interest in the role, and evaluate how skilled they are.

Candidate resumes are also designed to ensure maximum efficiency, but they cannot contain every bit of relevant information.  So, both CVs and interviews are indispensable to this process but not adequate to help recruiters get an informed opinion on their applicant’s skills and strengths.

If recruiters and employers want to find the best candidate and be certain they are making the right choice, they must invest effort in understanding the candidates. And candidate skills testing software is a great tool to help them come closer to making a good choice.

Types of skills tests

Recruiters have a wide array of skills assessments to choose from. Having many options means they can assess lots of job applicants who are trying for different types of roles.

But some common tests are applicable across industries. For example –

  • Literacy skills tests
  • Numeracy skills tests
  • MS Office skills tests
  • Psychometric skills tests

The first three assessments are useful for any job role which is admin based. The Microsoft Office package, containing Excel, Word and PowerPoint, is a suite of applications useful for all sectors. They make the daily work easier, and office-going individuals need to be familiar with these tools.

Literacy skills tests measure an individual’s grammar and spelling abilities. Similarly, numeracy skills testing is intended for assessing the candidate’s numerical abilities.

Lastly, there is psychometric skills testing which is useful for everyone. Recruiters can use this test to evaluate a candidate’s interpersonal skills as well as their way of thinking. So whether it is an office-based role or a retail role, this test helps employers understand the applicant’s leadership, collaborative, communication and problem-solving style.

There are other sector-specific tests such as driving skills tests, accounting skills tests, data entry and typing tests, etc. Check out this site to get more information.

Online skills testing software – making candidate assessment easier

Online skills tests are easy to administer. It takes no more than a few minutes to select an appropriate test and send it to the candidates. It removes the problem of arranging the time and date for candidates to come to the test location.

When recruiters use an online skills testing software, it is convenient for everyone. Candidates can also complete their tests from anywhere. They need a broadband connection and a computer device that gives them access to the test.

An assessment can last anywhere from 5 to 60 minutes. There is a sample test at the start to demonstrate the test structure. Many of the tests are in a multiple-choice question format. Once an individual is finished with their assessment, the software sends the result directly to the recruiter’s inbox.

Recruiters can then send their candidates’ test results to the employer who can screen and select candidates based on their performance. The results illustrate how an individual has performed and compare their performance against a group of candidates.

Thus, online skills testing software is highly efficient and effective in quickly evaluating applicants and shortening the hiring process. It should be used in conjunction with the best recruitment software for agencies to make the most of both the tools.

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