Pressure washing machine Buying Guide in Kenya

Pressure washing machines are gaining popularity in Kenya. Consumers are enjoying the benefits that come with it: for instance, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and ease of use. Consequently, manufacturing companies increase the production of pressure washing machines. This article provides information that one ought to know before purchasing a pressure washing machine.

Things to know before purchasing a Pressure Washing Machine in Kenya


Pressure washing machines aid in cleaning residential homes and commercial sites – automobiles, building exteriors, and other surfaces. These machines are simple to use and are effective for cleaning since they have powerful motors.

Pressure washing machines exist in the Kenyan market at reasonable prices. You can easily purchase one online and from local stores. The cost of theequipment varies and is determinantof the type of machine, size, and functionality. Pressure washing machine prices in Kenya rangebetween $100 and $800. Also, deliveries are made nationwide.

Which pressure washing machine is the best?

Considering the type of pressure washer to buy doesn’t have to be challenging. For someone to purchase a pressure washing machine in Kenya, they should look into the following aspects;

  • What type of pressure washer do you need?
  • How are you going to use the device?
  • Where do you intend to use the pressure washer: for home use or commercial use?
  • Also, think about your budget.
  • How often will you use the machine?
  • Portability

Putting these factors into considerationcan help one decidewhich is best for their needs.

Types of pressure washing machines

There are different types of pressure washing machines available in the market, each offering a distinct set of functionalities and benefits. The differences affect the pressure washing machine price in Kenya. While looking for new pressure washing machine, one ought to recognize the options available to establish what is best for them. Below is anoutline of thetypes of pressure washing machines and the benefits they offer to consumers:

  1. Gas-Powered pressure washing machines
    1. Motors powered by gasoline.
    2. Very powerful and efficient
    3. Portable and cost-effective
    4. Often used outdoors in large-scale applications or remote sites.
    5. Drawbacks – emit toxic fumes and noise; requires high maintenance.
  2. Electric pressure washing machines
    1. Powered by electricity
    2. Often used indoors because it is convenient without pollution whatsoever
    3. Available and reasonably priced
  3. Coldwater pressure washing machines
    1. Popular in the market since the manufacturing cost is low
    2. Easy to use
    3. Often used for general purpose cleaning in residential homes and commercial sites
  4. Hotwater pressure washing machines
    1. Efficient when cleaning surfaces with grease and oil

The efficiency of makes the pressure washer for this type of machine is a little different compared to the rest.


Both gas-powered and electric-powered pressure washing equipment are worthwhile depending on theparticular application as well asthe environs in which you will be using the machine.

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If one wants a pressure washer fordomestic use, a lightweight, cost-effective electric device is suitable. A cold water pressure washing machine is alsorecommended. Pressure washers for use at home are usually smaller and more portable than other types in the market.

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If onewants a pressure washer for commercial use, they need a potentand durable device. A hot water pressure washing machine is highlyrecommended forcleaning up grease and oil.


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