Points to Consider While Choosing the Best Daycare for your Dog

Your dogs aren’t just your pet – they are an important part of your life.

Their care and safety are always at the forefront of your mind, specifically when working long hours. And that’s why puppy daycare centre are increasing in popularity in Australia.

For pet owners who work at an unpredictable schedule leaving your dog alone at home is challenging for both you and your dog. So, read on to choose the best daycare for your furry friend.

Things to keep in mind when selecting a daycare for your Puppy

While some homeowners prefer hiring a dog walker, a daycare is better. Not only will your dog be fed and exercised properly, but they will also enjoy the company of other doggies. It offers a safe environment where they will get mental stimulation, and you don’t have to worry about strangers entering your space.

However, with so many doggy care centres available, how would you make a choice? Preferably, the right one.

Well, take a peek below.

1. Tour the facility in Person

Your little friend will spend a lot of time in the puppy daycare, and you won’t have enough time to check on them constantly.

So, it is best to tour the facility properly where you will send them.

When you walk through the facility, take your dog with you during a time when other pets are also present. This will give you a picture of how they care for dogs. Plus, you will know if the facility is safe, hygienic, and has vital dog care features.

2. Choose between different types.

Each daycare is designed in a different style to take care of your fur babies. You should know about these different types of daycares to make the right decision.

  • Dog Park Style: It features ample open space and is outdoor/indoor or only outdoor. This should be your ideal pick if you have a socially active dog who loves to play around and have fun.
  • Separated Play Area: Unlike the above, it is typically smaller and has either indoor or outdoor space. Dogs who do not prefer high activity and are a bit reserved would be acceptable in this daycare.
  • Homestyle: As the name suggests, it is a daycare in someone’s home and creates a familiar environment for your friend. As such, it is good for those with separation anxiety.

3. Enquire About the Staff’s Training

The puppy daycare centre staff must have proper training in dealing with dogs. Like, babies, your pups are delicate and require extra care.

So, enquire about their training and certifications – check whether they know pet first aid, dog’s body language and communication and how to prevent and stop fights among dogs. Also, ensure they use positive reinforcement to reward dogs and never punish them for anything.

4. Talk About the Schedule

A consistent daily routine helps the puppies to feel relaxed and calm while encouraging good behaviour. So, ask the daycare if they have a schedule and what activities it includes. Some daycare centres would have a nap time schedule, while others would have a particular gap between playtimes to avoid exhaustion.

5. Grouping Policy

Some daycare centres specialise in caring for smaller dogs while other larger doggies. So, find the one you feel would be better suited to your pet’s breed.

Also, if you can’t find a specialised centre, no worries, they are specific daycares that separate and group puppies as per their size and age. Also, sometimes as per their play style or temperament.

The Bottom Line

It might seem to you a lot of information to comprehend, but at the end of the day, you want nothing but the best for your puppy. You have to work a little harder to ensure that your doggy is in safe hands while you are working.

No one can replace the feeling of your home, but the right care centre would be the next best thing. In the end, looking for a doggy daycare is similar to finding childcare.

You want your pup to be safe, happy, and cared for.

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