They are special devices or machines remodeled and re-engineered to convey water from a point A to another place point B, robust andeconomic that can be used in domestic and small-scale water transfer activities. Pedrollo water pumpis characterized by the body being of cast iron with a brass infused set into the surface cover for effective starting performance and prevents jamming and also brass makes up the impeller.

What makes them stand out is because they are non-self-priming closed impeller pumps with integral motors. This makes Pedrollo water pumpto be quiet,efficient, and have a good rating. This shows how good they are in boosting water and transferring it in areas such as in homes when pumping water, industrial and agricultural applications. They also have a pressure supply that is automatic.

Some of the important features to look for while buying the water pump are;

I)The specific type of Pedrollo pumps; different pumps operate different each with a different purpose hence the type of pump chosen should actually match the purpose it was meant for.

ii)The pressure; the power pressure and water flow are directly proportional to one another and must be chosen basically based on pumping required hence efficiency.

iii)Flow rate; The flow rate tells you how much water can be pumped over a given period of time. It is expressed as a number of liters per minute. This is also a crucial consideration.

  1. iv) Discharge ahead; the amount of water output to the source end from where it is being pumped from.

v)Suction head; defines the depth of water which can be pumped by a surface

vi)The water quality; also, an important aspect to be considered to be a liability It is important to carry out a thorough analysis of the water quality, because each pump handles different types of water hence can fail to work if wrongly used.

Choosing the right water pump has never been easy but by first considering these aspects it is made easier.


-Pedrollo water pumps are made to easily submerge in water hence smooth operations.

-They are quite compared to other water pumps.

-Pedrollo water pump price is quite affordable

-Can work inindustrial, domestic, and agricultural fields.

-Their operation is simple and user-friendly

How to make your Pedrollo water pump water pump to last longer.

Pressure gauge are included in the pumps to measure the operating pressure as different pumps have different operating pressure this prevents it from losing prime hence making it to last longer.

Also installing a thermal overload protection on your electronic pump network will also reduce the risk of incomplete circuits when the pump becomes dry.

Providing adequate protection and storage condition against frost and unfavorable weather conditions by storing the Pedrollo water pump well and draining them fully after being used during intense wet conditions.

And also, when you can no longer but up with the slight noise or if all the calculations have put you off, there’s always a bucket on a role.

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The price of the Pedrollo water pump price in Kenya ranges from 7,000 to 40,000 Kenyan money depending on type.

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