Not give your body drugs when you can have nuts

The current era is giving a lot of competition to the students when it comes to the survival of life. School, college, and university students often take a lot of stress of studies and career that results in the use of drugs. Students get unlimited assignments and projects to complete within few days that stress them out. They feel a lot of burdens and cannot concentrate because of constant worrying. They feel like they cannot focus on any single task. Many students use Adderall, Ritalin, and some other drugs for concentrating on the studies. From here the concept of ‘study drugs” got introduced that says that these drugs are meant for studying but the reality is quite opposite. Let’s talk about it.

The reality of drugs

Individuals call drugs like Amphetamines and Methylphenidates study drugs because they have the power of aggregating attention. Many individuals among us start taking medicines of others thinking that these will help in increasing the focus while working. That’s the complete background and reality of study drugs. These drugs are stimulants and as a result, they increase the energy level, alertness, blood pressure, and pulse rate in few minutes. Students think that these drugs help in learning and increased thinking. These drugs are prescripted ones and have a wide variety like Adderall, Concerta, Ritalin, Dexedrine, Vyvanse, etc. These drugs are mostly got with the help of relatives who are involved in the studies of drugs. They have the authority of prescribing them. Otherwise, they are difficult to get.

Effects of study drugs on a student’s brain

When students consume these drugs, the brain cells start releasing chemicals. As a result, neurotransmitters get active and boost energy and as a result, the student gets active and attentive. The effect of these drugs is for few hours. After the influence of drug ends, a student might smash. They feel inactive, detached, and miserable. The effort done in such a state is more disappointing and less work that creates more stress. When the doctors prescribe such drugs, they usually start with a tiny dose. This is because these drugs can cause various issues like increase BP, uneven heartbeat, failure of heart, seizures, or brain and body stroke. The use of such drugs increases the anger level and other mental health issues. Students think that these drugs do not do any harm and trying them once for the final term will not make much difference. These drugs are equally addictive like other common addictive drugs.

Withdrawal symptoms of Study Drugs

The process of withdrawal is very critical and risky. Never try this at home. Always seek inpatient or outpatient treatment when you want to quit on any sort of drug. In the case of study drugs, the withdrawal symptoms include severe anxiety, depression, insomnia, fatigue, and even suicidal thoughts.

We cannot take risk of life when we know that symptoms can be this critical and crucial. Your life is not a joke and you must handle it with a lot of care. The withdrawal symptoms are not easy to handle and we need professional doctors and staff to handle such situations. This condition can lead to death as well. We have a variety of options of treatment like inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment. Drug rehab offers a lot of facilities that have made the journey of recovery from drugs easy and less painful. All we need to do is gather necessary information about the drug rehab center and the treatments being offered at the locality. Get more information at

Treatment of study drugs at Rehab Center

The treatment at rehab is necessary because they offer a lot of facilities like:

  • Therapy sessions
  • Group therapies
  • Healthy eating habits
  • Promotion of healthy lifestyle
  • 24/7 evaluation
  • Medical aid
  • Insurance facilitation
  • Transport facilities
  • Necessary electronic appliances need
  • Separate and comfortable bedroom
  • Experienced medical staff
  • Support of other addicted patients
  • Physical activities like gym, yoga, swimming, karate, etc.
  • Delicious meals
  • Captivating and peaceful locality

Now, in the case of study drugs, the medical staff and counselor recommends other alternatives for coping with stress. They offer better choices to individuals. Firstly, the withdrawal process is necessary to remove the toxins in the body that were created in the body as a result of consuming study drugs. After the withdrawal process, the addict is moved to the next phase that focuses on mental functioning. For getting rid of the effect of these drugs, the first recommendation is Meditation. Meditation plays an important role when we talk about coping with stress and anxiety levels as it aids in reducing stress and lightens the functioning of the body and mind.  It helps in calming the mind that helps in increasing focus. Secondly, a night of good sleep of eight hours is necessary. The proper sleep pattern increases the focus of the brain. It helps the person in thinking clearly and makes him alert. Thirdly, a good exercise regime is recommended as it makes us active, fresh and healthy. It improves blood circulation around the body. Daily exercise moreover aids in good and quick learning. It enhances the memory level. It is rightly said that doing exercise daily assists in promoting a good mood. Lastly, the habit of healthy eating is being promoted at the center. A personalized and certified chef is hired by the detox center that makes tasty meals according to your taste buds. He makes you understand the nutritional value and incorporates every essential element into your meals like carbohydrates, proteins, fats, nuts, fruits, vegetables, and dairy products. When you incorporate a variety of healthy foods, you automatically feel good and distracted from the stress. The food will give fuel to the body that will boost the energy level of your body. When you will leave the center, your body will be habitual of healthy physical and eating habits. You will learn that how to keep yourself mentally calm in a stressful situation. Life at the drug detox center will teach you how to cope with life stress without leaning on the support of drugs.

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