Maths Behind Volatility in Slots

Variance or volatility is a technical aspect of online slots, and there is a maths behind it. However, it does not require work on a complete mathematical formula, rather understand it; there are certain factors you can read to know about the volatility in online slots.

While playing online slots at KingCasino live casino, you can notice a swing in playing those game, as they are programmed to function in that way. However, an overall payout for the slot is not affected, so we call it ‘ebb or flow’ in the slots as volatility or variance.

Understanding Online Slot Volatility

With the slot variance, we get to know how we are going to get the payouts. For instance, there are three slot variance levels, and with the information of knowing a slot variance, you can see that if a particular slot is right for you or not. So, let’s have a look at the levels of volatility.

Low Variance

These are the slots with low risks, which means that you can win frequent payouts during the game; however, they are not the big ones. So, your bankroll remains balanced as well as you can enjoy the game for a longer period. You can recognise a low variance slot by reading the following features:

  •       By studying the paytable you can see that the overall payout is not very large and even the minimum payout value is less than the bet you placed.
  •       Their jackpots are not high, and you can win up to 50x of your net bet.
  •       Track the payout patterns for about 500 to 1000 spins and notice whether your bankroll has climbed remarkably. It the answer is no, then you are playing a low volatility slot.

Medium Variance

As the name indicates, a medium variance slot is in between high and low variance. You can see that these games have a higher risk than the small variance slots, but in return, the payouts are better.

Medium variance slots are more common than the other ones, but they contain the element of risk. Therefore, it is advisable that you keep a check on your pocket and spend less than choose low variance slots.

High Variance

High variance is an exact opposite of the low variance slots containing the high-risk factor. Speaking casually, these online slots have a high swing from loss to win and vice versa. Therefore, these slots demand patience with your bankroll, and typically they offer infrequent wins. However, when you see landing your wins, they are too decent. Here are some of the factors that can help you identify high-variance slots:

  •       They have a low hit frequency for the high paying symbols; however, when they land then, the payouts are pretty generous.
  •       In the paytable, check the lowest payouts, and see if they are pretty high than the normal ones for other games, then your current slot has high volatility.
  •       Also, keep a check on your bankroll for the spins of between 500 to 1000. If there is a significant increase, then it means that you have selected a high variance slot.

Final Words

There is no hard and fast formula to determine the slot machine’s variance; all you need to do is read the information related to its payout. In the end, when it comes to strategy, always the volatility level is according to your patience and bankroll level.

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