Long Pixie Cuts or Short Pixie cuts? Best Ideas of Pixie Cuts

Long and short pixie haircuts

If you’ve always wanted to shorten your hair, now is the time. When the weather is nice, short hair begins to play a leading role, as many women prefer to wear a comfortable and fresh look during the season. This does not mean that you cannot wear short hair in the winter, but these types of cuts are chosen by women who want to feel beautiful and comfortable in this season as well. There are thousands of options for short haircuts you can make into your hair, and here we give you some great examples. Here is great for you to inspire you to make the perfect cut for yourself and to help you understand what to do with your hair if you want to change your look. I would like to give you an idea for a short haircut. We have selected over 65 perfectly beautiful and diverse short haircuts to act as a spiritual guide to your hair and to find the perfect hairstyle for you.

Sides with length

The short pixie cuts and the bob cut are closer than ever. Although the classic pixie should have short sides, the new trend is that you can wear the sides a little longer. All sizes are valid this year.

Long bangs

This is the most used new trend in this year, but it’s a very suitable cut for the season and fashion, so it can be used indefinitely. The bangs need to be very long to fit the hairstyle. It doesn’t matter which way you go. The important thing is that it covers most of the forehead. This style can achieve many hairstyles such as mop-ups and lacquer combbacks.

Volume presence

Many people believe that short hair shouldn’t be voluminous, but this is a new fashion, voluminous pixie. You need to ruffle the area a bit to make perfect hair, and if you want to risk you can use it with a good toupee.

Pixie that matches the shape of the face

The advantage that both pixie cut and classic bob and long bob offer is that they can adapt very well depending on the shape of the face. Below you will find these tips for choosing the best cut depending on the beauty of your face.

Square face

If you have this type of face and want to make a pixie cut, you need to understand that all you need is volume so that the face does not look straight. You can hit the hair on and style it with a little wax.

Oval face

This face is perfect for any facial expression, so you can wear Pixie as you like and make your own hairstyle.

Round face

The best for these faces is a long pixie. The bangs should hit the forehead and create a new profile. You can also add volume to the crown.

Triangular face

The important thing is to balance the size of your forehead and chin. The best way is to hide your forehead with long multi-layered bangs to provide volume.

Cut with a long pixie cut, sharp layer of pixie and napethe thinner and longer the layer, the less bulging or sharper the pixie looks. Hair that reaches the ears and has a dramatic cut on the nape allows for an impressive contrast with many plots. It’s still short, but it’s not completely uproar with undercuts.

Chopped dark brown pixie

I just put on my blue suede shoes and it looks like I’m trying to paint the area red. We love the stylist taking the naturally hairy texture of her black hair and turning it into an ultra-trendy look. Combined with a biker chic style like the one above, you get one hint that works incredibly well.

Long, choppy and irregular pixie cut

This choppy cut has the longest front length and slowly reduces the back length. The length of the framing of the face looks almost like a bob, so it’s easy to transition from long hair to a full pixie cut, but the nape is a shortcut. ‘

Disordered layered pixie with emphasized bangs

Wear a messy cool girl look whether you’re looking for a suitable cut for straight hair, or a thick layer of curly hair and a tapered style pixie cut, that’s important. When styling to show the moment of hair, make a messy finish. This is an important feature regardless of the length of modern haircuts.

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