Learn Online With Virtual Classrooms at the University of Phoenix

Online learning has become increasingly popular in recent years. Driven in large part by the internet-dominated nature by which our society works, more and more students are coming to realize their full potential through virtual classroom experiences. Providing education for more than 45 years while guiding online graduates for more than 25 years, University of Phoenix offers an expansive online experience for aspiring students to embrace.

Let’s take a moment to highlight and evaluate the traditional virtual classroom experience of University of Phoenix students.

How It Works

University of Phoenix offers online degree programs in a variety of different fields and industries. Students from all walks of life can participate in a highly professional, learning environment.

Students registering for the virtual classroom experience at the University will take one course at a time for bachelor’s degree programs and up to two courses at once for all associate degree programs. Smaller course loads can allow students to focus more intently on their work, creating a better experience and supporting deeper learning.

Once registered and enrolled, students at University of Phoenix have access to a personalized student website where they can complete coursework, participate in class, work with classmates and communicate with instructors.

The Virtual Classroom Experience

University of Phoenix provides a virtual classroom experience that is accessible to students whenever and wherever they are. Connection is simple with nothing needed beyond a Student Login and an internet connection to access the personalized student support website.

Students begin by logging into the Blackboard Ultra landing page. This provides information regarding student settings, coursework and online access to grades. Here, students at University of Phoenix can access every aspect of their educational experience.

While every student will have a unique experience at the University, there are some baseline expectations for online learning.

What Do Students Need For Class?

Students enrolling at University of Phoenix will be supplied with many of the resources they need for higher learning. However, students must have reliable access to the internet as well as a computer strong enough to handle the coursework. Students can discuss their needs with an Enrollment Counselor to ensure that they are prepared for their courses.

Are There Any Student Resources for Financial Aid?

From grants and loans to scholarships and payment plans, students can find the best financial approach for their life situation. The University has financial counselors who can help answer questions about resources available to students outside the University.

Within the University, there are up to $1 million per month in available scholarships through more than 400 opportunities.

What to Expect From Online Courses

Upon enrolling for coursework at University of Phoenix, students will gain access to their virtual classroom experience. While online courses are all unique by nature, they all have a few features in common that can help you know what to expect.

  • Multiple Start Dates – More than 10 start dates are available throughout the year to ensure that all students can enroll in a timely manner. Enroll when you are ready, and University of Phoenix will have an opening.
  • Short Courses – Most courses taken at the University take between four and six weeks to complete. Access to a syllabus can inform the expectations of students regarding the expected workload.
  • Modern Courses – While University of Phoenix has a rich history helping students, individual courses are designed for the modern workforce.
  • Focused Classes – The University offers small, interactive courses featuring personalized one-on-one attention. Attempting to replicate the traditional work setting, students are focused in an environment conducive to collaborative work.

Enrolled students also gain access to a variety of tools and resources to help them with their online coursework. University of Phoenix provides students with online textbooks, a digital library, around-the-clock tech support and numerous study groups. Additionally, student support is available for 20 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Prospective students can learn more about Admissions Requirements by filling out an online application or by contacting a Enrollment Advisor.

About University of Phoenix

Originally founded in 1976, University of Phoenix is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, but offers online courses available across the U.S. The University is staffed by real-world faculty with instructors averaging more than 26 years of classroom experience. On average, students with prior eligible college credits and relevant life experience can earn their degree, on average, a year sooner while saving more than $11,000.

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