Identifying Different Types of Stencils & Stenciling Surfaces

Stenciling is fast gaining traction. They are cut-outs or patterns. You may use stencils to instill a new look and artistic touch to your walls or other surfaces. You may use stencils repeatedly or in a specific sequence to create larger patterns from the same stencil. You can make your stencil with the help of craft knives and freezer paper. Stenciling could be an artistic, creative, and cost-effective way of painting your house. Stencil art helps to give your home a unique and new look. According to TIS, creativity may not always come naturally to everybody. Creativity seems to grow with effort and time.

Stencils are a fantastic alternative for wall décors and wallpapers. If you are not in the mood to use wallpapers to cover your wall, you may consider using stencil art to create an accent wall. You may repaint the wall to give it a fresh new look anytime. Stenciling is hassle-free. Removing wallpapers may be taxing. Choose a stencil pattern according to your lifestyle, mood, and personality. Your home décor should be a reflection of your personality. Let us explore different types of stencils for creating a unique aesthetic ambiance.

Different Types of Stencils

Planner Stencil: The Best Choice

Planner stencils are excellent tools for vertical column checklists, full-page checklists of your weekly planners, or your monthly planning page. It is best to create a planner with alphabet stencils in different fonts. You can avoid your freestyle handwriting while creating a planner. Instead, you may use a stencil for creating neat weekly or monthly planners or calendars. A planner stencil helps you to generate monthly calendars easily and quickly.

Draw steadily with stencils for both habit trackers and savings trackers. Use stencils to keep your monthly or weekly planner neat. Want to keep your planner neat, you may use a special row and column stencil to rule up spreads without counting dots. These stencils are best for weekly and monthly planners.

Alphabet stencils come in multiple font styles like Bubble Alpha, Roman Alpha, Adventure Alpha, etc. Alphabet stencils for planners are best for writing weekdays or months of the year in your planner. Ribbon and flag stencils are perfect for titles. Shape stencils are excellent for making planners. They come in basic shapes such as rectangles, squares, and circles in different sizes, scallop borders, straight edges, etc.

Hobby or Craft Stencils

Craft or hobby stencils are used by painting enthusiasts to paint and decorate. These stencils are large in size and manufactured from flexible materials. Craft or hobby stencils may be made from metal or paper and with robust adhesive backing. You may strategically place them on diverse surfaces such as furniture, walls, etc.

Nature Inspired Stencils

These stencils help add a nature-inspired natural beauty and appearance to your home ambiance. You may even use stencils in floral patterns like the sunflower stencils. They add a natural charm to your home décor.


You may consider mixing and matching diverse themes for an innovative and unique look. Your walls will look best if you add a theme, you can best relate to. Your walls and overall home décor should be an expression of your personality and lifestyle.

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