How to Use Instagram Stories to Promote Your Products

More than 500 million users view Instagram Stories every day, making it an effective tool to give your business much-needed exposure. Instagram users have a keen eye for new products and trends, and they actually visit the website to browse or buy a product after seeing it in stories. 

However, using Instagram stories to draw the customers’ attention or drive sales might be daunting. Brands require an appropriate strategy to showcase their products in the best possible way.

Are you struggling to incorporate Instagram (IG) Stories into your business marketing? Don’t worry as we have got your back. Here’s the comprehensive guide to using the IG stories to promote your products. 

Tips on Using Instagram Stories for Product Promotion

Let us get started!

1. Use your Instagram stories highlights strategically.

While you are already using Instagram stories highlights, switching them up during your promotion is always good. The highlights section on your business profile is a prominent real estate and can attract tons of new views and followers during the product promotion. 

Consider using the “Highlights” section to tell your customers about the prospects promoting products and services. Also, don’t forget to share the customer’s feedback on stories. Keep them in separate highlights to make it easy for people to find the information they are seeking quickly. 

Depending on the industry and business, you can choose among various highlight options, such as Portfolio, IGTV, Testimonials, About us section, and more. Always create a promotion highlight that clearly explains what people get when they buy products from your website, whether there’s a discount, how long the deal lasts, and so on. 

2. Create a sense of urgency with the IG Countdown feature.

One of the best Instagram Story Ideas is to use the Countdown sticker on Stories to create a sense of urgency among the customers. This sticker can effectively count down to a special launch, whether it is a new product promotion or a special offer. 

When your audience taps on the countdown sticker, they will get an option to turn on reminders so that they can get a notification when the countdown has finished.

3. Host a giveaway to engage the audience.

Innumerable businesses on Instagram promote their products through stories and posts. Hence, you need to do something out-of-the-box to stand a class apart from the crowd. 

Hosting a giveaway is the ultimate idea to get more visibility. Encourage people to post their feedback or answer the question mentioned in the story or anything in between. In return, they will win a prize. 

When customers upload stories indicating why they prefer buying your products, repost them to your Instagram story and make them feel valued. It generates more excitement and momentum during your promotion. 

4. Post teasers of new products.

Are you launching a new product soon? 

Create a buzz with an Instagram Story and let your audience spread the word on your behalf. The teaser of the new product you will launch is an effective way to build hype and set a stage before actually bringing the product to market. 

5. Go live with Q&A on Instagram.

Instagram is a visual platform, and it is essential to engage with the audience to boost visibility and interest for your promotion. The best way to interact with your customers is to go live with a Q&A session and eliminate all doubts and queries from your audience. 

You first need to post an Instagram story, encouraging followers to ask questions. Post the question sticker and let the audience ask you anything about the product.

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Once you receive some questions, go live on Instagram and tap on the questions icon at the bottom of the screen. There, you can see all the questions your audience submitted via a question sticker. 

Now, select the question you want to reply to, and that question will pop up on all the viewers’ screens. It gives you the best opportunity to come close to your customers’ by dealing with their queries. 

6. Don’t forget to use the Reaction Slider.

Do you have an urge to know what your audience thinks about your product, or how much of them actually engage with your brand? 

If yes, then use the Reaction Slider and allow the users to respond to the content of your Instagram Stories. While businesses often use this feature with hearty eyes to gauge how much their audience likes the product, there are many other creative ways to utilize this slider function. 

7. Use location stickers.

Instagram is all about bringing people together over shared interests. Hence, you can increase the discoverability of your IG stories by tagging locations. This quick and simple trick will get you way more impressions on your stories than expected while bringing you close to the audience. 

8. Create a story ad.

Stories ad can run for as long as you desire and can be optimized to meet the business objective that matters to you. Brands can quickly create a story by using Ads manager. They can either choose a guide creation or quick creation to prepare an advertisement. 

9. Always post stories about limited offers and flash sales.

Are you selling limited quantities of products or willing to run a flash sale? 

Post an image on your IG story to convey the message to the audience and trigger them into taking action. 

Go for platform-specific sales on your products to reward your followers. Start with announcing too-good-to-miss offers via stories and motivate the audience to pay attention to your post. This way, you can easily make them feel important while promoting your products. Just don’t overdo it and keep things balanced. 

Final Words

Instagram Stories provide a fresh vehicle for promoting your product and services. Get it done right, and you can entice your followers to have an extra affinity with your brand, thus building loyalty while ultimately encouraging sales.

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So, what keeps you waiting for now? Use any of these ideas listed above and bring your products to life with IG Stories. 

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