How to Start Your Career as a Comedian

Comedy is an art form that will never get old, even if some jokes do.  If your friends think you’re hilarious, and you’ve been a joker for most of your life, it’s natural that you would consider making a move up onto the stage.  It’s nearly impossible to get up there without wanting big dreams and goals to come true out of it.

Instead of wishing away, and hoping you might get noticed for a great tweet, here’s how to start a career as a comedian and get on the track to living out your fantasies.

Study Comedy and Stand Up

Some may misunderstand this to mean that you should watch comedy and stand-up performances: but that’s not quite it.  Instead, it would help if you focused on studying the acts of comic greats and learning what it is you like about them.  Focus on how they deliver their jokes, how much build-up they do, how they provide the punchlines, and what ties their whole act together.  Take notes to pay attention to things like callbacks, witty banter with the crowd, and how much they move around on stage or use physical props and extra production. 

Think About Your Schtick

Although nothing is original under the sun, you have to make sure you’re not stealing jokes or copying from other comics.  Not only is this rude, but it’s the kind of behavior that will have you banned from comedy bars and kicked out of clubs where you could otherwise perform.  Work on your material, and try to create jokes that speak to you.  Performers like Punkie Johnson work hard to create a unique experience for every performance; consider how you can do the same.

Perform When and Where You Can

Of course, you don’t have to agree to perform at a venue you’re not comfortable with, but you should put in the work and get into clubs and performances.  Even if you’re doing it for free at an open mic night, it’s better than nothing.  Have friends or family film you so that you can watch back your performance and figure out which jokes got a bigger laugh and which drove the audience to silence.

Create Social Media Accounts

Although most of us have Twitter or Instagram, you should focus on creating individual accounts for you and what you want to post.  Take the videos you should be recording at your performances, and create a reel for writers or producers to see for popular shows.  There’s a chance that these jokes could secure you an even better gig or could get you a writing job for television until you can hit it big as a comedian.  

Don’t Give Up

Although it might feel like it’s getting harder every time you get on stage, don’t give up!  A lot of comedy is timeless, and because of this, you always have a chance that someone could find it hilarious.  Keep performing at clubs, working on your process, and writing new jokes: eventually, someone will see the talent in your act and want to hire you permanently!

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