How To Prepare Your Jeep For The Upcoming Fall Season

One important item on that fall chore list is the fall maintenance on your Jeep because cooler temperatures and additional precipitation can have an impact on your vehicle. The last thing you want is to be stuck somewhere without a properly working vehicle. From the drivetrain to the tires, these are some ways to prepare your vehicle.

Overhaul Your Jeep

If your Jeep is getting old, you may consider a full overhaul rather than just completing maintenance. You may need to replace your transmission or have work done on your engine so that you have a safe vehicle to drive during the winter months.

Prepare for Rain

Fall and winter are cold, wet seasons. This is the time when you should be removing your soft tip and replacing it with your hardtop. Check your seals to ensure they are in good working order, and replace any that are cracked or otherwise damaged. Your carpet can be removed and replaced with weather-tight floor liners.

You should be able to find some great products, such as Bestop products, that are made specifically for your vehicle.

Don’t forget to include waterproof bins or boxes to protect your belongings. You can also add high-quality seat covers to protect against the water and grime that you bring into your Jeep during the fall and winter seasons.

Replace Your Fluids

Part of your fall maintenance program should be checking and replacing your fluids. For example, you may consider having your oil changed. In addition, your transmission fluid and antifreeze should be flushed.

You may also need to change your windshield wiper fluid. Look for a product that also includes a solution that removes or dissolves ice from your windshield. Your gear and axle fluids should also be checked, especially if you have done any off-roading during the summer months or plan to do any during the fall.

General Maintenance

Check to ensure that you have kept up to date on your Jeep’s general maintenance as well. For example, check your tire tread and consider a rotation if you don’t replace them. You can also have your battery tested. Remove any corrosion or buildup on your terminals. Don’t forget to have your brakes checked.

Your windshield wiper blades should also be checked and replaced if they are cracked or otherwise damaged. Clean your headlights to improve your vision during longer, darker winter nights. You may even consider adding lights. Test your heating and cooling system, and make any repairs that may be necessary.

Prepare Your Winter Pack

In case you are ever caught on the road, you should have a winter pack prepared. Include a warm blanket, matches and a candle to keep you warm. Add flares and flags to notify others of dangers or get the attention of first responders. An extra pair of clothing, especially socks, can help if you get wet. Don’t forget a flashlight and fresh batteries. A first aid kit should also be included. Store everything in a waterproof container.

During your fall preparation, you can investigate other Jeep Wrangler JK upgrades or changes. However, take time to prepare your vehicle and yourself for the upcoming winter season.

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