How to Prepare for TOGAF 9 Foundation Exam (OGO-091)

The open group of Architecture framework is the trending and most important framework for an enterprise for the Architecture body that provides and delivers the designing, planning, implementation and governing enterprise information technology architecture. TOGAF is high level of designing system. TOGAF was developed starting in 1995 by the open group based on USA. The open group claims that TOGAF is employed by 80% of global and 50 companies and 60% of fortune 500 companies.

  • How to prepare for exam: –

  1. The best way to prepare for obtaining your TOGAF 9 Certification is taking the training itself. A training course can give you all ways to need succeed on the exam on your first attempt.
  2. To prepare the examination, set all exam practice set OGO-92 and make a time table for it.
  3. OGO-92 are written to the highest standards of technical accuracy, provide by our certified subject matter experts and published authors for development.
  4. PDF and testing engine preparation material of the open group certification OGO-92 exam to provide everything which need for the exam.
  5. Certification details are researched and produced will help you to not only pass the TOGAF exam, but also save your valuable time.
  6. Dragging and Dropping questions as experienced in the real the open group certification exam. OGO-92 exam questions updated on regular basis.
  7. Actual The open group certification exam (OGO-92 exam preparation is in multiple-choice question (MCQ), tested by many the open group certification exam before launched.

                  Under-structure are: –

  • Stage 1– It ensures that a candidate should understand all the terminology of Architecture along with the concepts of TOGAF.
  • Stage 2– It ensures that a candidate should be qualified and establishes that the candidate is able to understand, analyze and apply their skilled knowledge to Business problems.
  • Many candidates give this course more priority by self-study and they wanted to certify this course without attending expensive classes or course Batch.
  • But this is also very important to understand that Certification only prove that you know all the theory about this application of TOGAF, study, just Certification did not make you a perfect Architect.


  • TOGAF Certification consist of 2 Levels: –

  1. TOGAF Foundation: –

The foundation of TOGAF proves to understand of basic concepts, terminology of TOGAF 9.

  1. TOGAF Certification: –

TOGAF Certification proves that the candidate can apply for the study and knowledge about              TOGAF.

  • Examination Pattern: –

  1. Pattern 1- Certification in two separate ways.
  2. Pattern 2- Examination of both levels are done together.
  • Website of TOGAF: –


You download your exam syllabus from this site and prepare for the individual.

  • How to prepare for exam with Expensive Classes-
  1. Target on the important phase wise approach Topics in a day.
  2. Give more time to study.
  3. Along with the all topic of TOGAF ALSO Read the TOGAF Foundation.
  4. Prepare Notes of TOGAF Study and also read a online guide.
  5. Only read sufficient detail, no need to go into the depth study.
  6. Also include the Self-test of yours all topics and study.
  7. Read all guide and help books for deeper understanding of Certification but avoid much detail because it creates dilemma of study.

Visit the site: Khatrimaza

  • Online Certification

Development- TOGAF I exam- Foundation- II Exam

I, II both Exam

  • Courses: –

TOGAF Course are: –

  1. 01 Standard Course
  2. 05 TGAF Foundation
  3. 07 TOGAF Certification
  4. 08 Paths to Certification
  5. 09 Prerequisite Knowledge
  6. 10 Course Objectives
  7. 11 Target Audience
  8. 12 TOGAF Foundation

And many more courses of TOGAF.

  • Training: – In TOGAF the Training includes all these functions: –
  1. Exam Fee Included
  2. Training of 134 Chapters and 4 Sets.
  3. TOGAF Puzzles and Reasoning.
  4. 54 Hours of Learning.

Open Group Architect Courses

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