How to organize a freelance workspace?

The relevance of remote work is becoming more and more every day. Today, more and more people are trying to get away from work in the office or other companies and just work at home. Our compatriots also began to work simply through the Internet. Almost every person in the house has the Internet and this allows us to seriously consider the option of working at home. This type of work is called freelancing.

A freelancer for productive work needs to learn to listen to himself and organize the space in the way that is best for him. Someone needs to sit with their eyes out the window, someone with their backs to the wall. Some people find it more comfortable to work standing up, while others work great on the couch. The cat distracts someone, someone will not write a single headline without stroking the cat. No one but you knows what task management tools you use that make you more productive.

To successfully work from home, what about a high salary, what about a WordPress developer salary, you should not only equip the office but also create a comfortable environment. Households need to be explained that it is difficult to work at a computer if someone constantly interferes. To do this, you must ask yourself not to disturb them for at least a few hours. They need to talk about the features of their work and how difficult it is to do it. Today, a lot of women work at home, but their husbands do not take their work seriously. They do not consider such activities important and responsible, although work can bring large incomes. Here you should patiently and calmly explain everything to your husband. Mothers with children have the hardest time, as babies require constant attention.

At first glance, remote work is beneficial to everyone. The employer, hiring a freelancer, saves on rent, equipment and taxes. And the employee gets a chance to become freer and earn more than with an official device. But there is one big problem: instability and an irregular schedule out of habit turn out to be detrimental. First of all, because freelancing has more prerequisites for anxiety and stress. It’s like starting a new small business. Working from home, it’s easy to lose the balance between work and play. Yes, you seem to work less, you don’t spend money on the road, but at the same time, you are busier than your uncle and aunt, who work at the factory from bell to bell.

During the pandemic, some freelancers moved to other rented apartments in order to allocate an office for themselves to work. Someone went to co-working spaces, someone looked after himself at a table in his favorite cafe, and someone started reading books about project management. There is only one way to assess how competently a freelancer approached the task of organizing space – his / her productivity. If a freelancer’s nerves and time are spent calming down noisy relatives, fighting an uncomfortable chair, or resisting an inviting refrigerator, there will be little sense from such homework.

While you go to work in the editorial office or office, you take a lot for granted. There are tables and chairs, light, heat, and internet. A cafe or dining room for lunch is selected, and tea and cookies are on the nightstand. Going free swimming, you need to not only determine what skills you will sell and for how much, but you also need to use other scheduling software․ You immediately become your own producer, manager, and supply manager. In between, there is still work to be done. Not all freelancers are ready for this.

Break your work time into intervals: 25 minutes you work on a task without distraction, then take a short break and work again for 25 minutes. Make the task “on a C grade” – completely finish it, without specifying the details and difficult moments. If we were talking about preparing for exams, then the result is that you are poorly oriented in the topic, but obviously, you once read about it. Then improve the work – “by four”. And only then, when all the work is done at a good level, improve individual parts. So you develop small methods for yourself, like a digital marketing strategy. This method will help you beat perfectionism and speed up your tasks. 

Final thoughts

The first time after the office will be hard: after all, you have completely changed the rhythm of life and the mode of work. Remember how you got used to working in 5/2 mode – at first, you probably couldn’t come on time, get enough sleep and not stay up late. If your first freelance experience doesn’t feel like your dream day at work or even your friends’ success stories, don’t panic. Over time, you will develop your own rhythm, find methods that help you, and learn how to distribute time between work and rest.

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