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How To Know The Dimensions Of Bathroom Of Disabled

The dimensions and distribution of artifacts inside the bathroom must include a surface that allows 360 degrees turns of a wheelchair, considering a diameter of 1.5 m. Said diameter might include the area under the sink. https://www.smartremodelingllc.com/  may not include a pedestal or other element that prevents or hinders said turn or the frontal approach of a person with a disability in a wheelchair.

The access door must consider a minimum span of 0.9 m, with a minimum free width of 0.8 m, and will preferably open to the outside. In case of opening inwards, the door’s sweeping cannot interfere with the indicated turning radius. The door opening mechanism and safety latches will be easy to operate and manipulate.


The toilet must include at least one lateral and parallel transfer space to this appliance of at least 0.80 m wide by 1.20 m long, which allows the lateral approach of a user in a wheelchair. The toilet seat height will be 0.46m to 0.48m, measured from the finished floor level. The goal of handicap bathroom remodeling is to match the heights of the toilet with the wheelchair for easy portability.

When the toilet is installed next to a wall, this appliance’s longitudinal axis should be 0.40 m from the wall. In this case, a straight support bar must be provided fixed to the wall on one side of the toilet. On the other side, which corresponds to the lateral transfer space, a folding bar located 0.40 m from the toilet’s longitudinal axis must be provided. Both bars must be non-slip, have a diameter between 3.5 cm and a minimum length of 0.60 m, and be located at the height of 0.75 m, measured from the finished floor level.

When this lateral movement space is provided on both sides of the toilet, both bars will be foldable, having the same characteristics, dimensions, location, and height indicated in the preceding paragraph.

If using toilets without a pond, it is recommended to move it forward until it reaches a minimum depth of 65 cm.

The unloading mechanism must be operable with a fist or elbow.

Toilet and bathroom areas should have non-slip floors.

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The sink must be located at the height of 0.8 m from the finished floor level, leaving a free space of 0.7 m under its cover, allowing the frontal approach in a wheelchair. In the case of homes, you should consider a metal lectern embedded in the wall without a pedestal, optional in public buildings. The discharge must be attached to the wall.

If the sink is contiguous to a vertical plane, you must move its axis 45 cm from the same plane, expanding its area of ​​use from 70 to 80 cm wide.

The taps must be lever, pressure, or automatic action employing a sensor system and may not be installed more than 0.45 m from the appliance’s edge.

The mirror must be installed by a remodeling contractor Houston at a maximum height of 3 cm from the counter or sink’s highest point. Mirrors no longer need to be angled.

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