How to increase online course sales?

To launch course has become very easy these days, you will find a website application or course developer everywhere on the Internet. But how are you going to market this course? Not every skilled and experienced educator is an expert in marketing strategies. Yes, the most important part is done- which is gluing yourself to the screen all day, planning, and scheduling course content. Most teachers would hire a digital strategist for this. It is a great choice, but you too must know about a few marketing strategies. You’re a teacher, after all, there is no end to learning!

For increasing the number of student admissions, enrolments and sales, you need to sell online courses from your own website. Let’s learn how to do it!

Create student avatars

It is the most important step before applying any strategy. Understand the perception of a student towards your course, their attitude towards the website, and course content. Once you know about the ideal student attitude, you can set all your marketing strategies based on them.

An ideal student represents those who avail of your online course. List down points describing this ideal student, and keep this at the back of your mind at all times when personally making marketing strategies, or discussing the same with a professional strategist.

Survey your students

Want to know what more could your course needs? Better ask the students themselves! Serving is a very popular method for strategists to understand education dynamics. Because there are several trends on the Internet these days, it is impossible to identify what these students might be interested in.

Considering students learning art styles, the trend for this genre of learning is different than students aspiring to work in the IT sector. A market strategy might not be aware of all of these, but a student is more than willing to participate in service since it gives them a sense of belonging to the course and also fulfills the objective of the strategist.

These surveys help online courses to create content that people are willing to absorb. Use your social media platform podcasts e-mail or blogs to publish polls and services. Even after the course has started, you can validate course topics and timings by using a similar method to make changes in the routine early in the session.

Identify value differentiators

Look around and research other similar courses and identify how your course is different from those. You can now publish these differentiators after research. This way, you can determine how the website can be improved, which features are a must-have since they were overlapping in all other similar courses, and what are student reviews these courses.


Search engines recognize keywords easily and help you market your content. Keywords are those particular words students type in when they search for something. Imagine a student looking for solutions- they will directly write down the keywords of these solutions in the search list and click one of the first options generated. You can ensure that your blogs on the educational website appear on the first page after a search by adding keywords and related key phrases.

Ask your market strategies to give you a list of popular keywords related to your website. This can help your website and its position on the online platform. The more traffic you generate, the more students would prefer to visit your website.


Do this only if you are sure that your course is a great innovative idea. Preselling allows students to access your incomplete website and constantly look up the new features added. Since they are signed up, they would get notifications that your website generates over the e-mail or other social media platforms they have linked with their account. Tempting them to look at your website often ensures they are invested in it and buy your course once your website is completely ready.

Blog Promotion

Blogs are the most widely viewed free content on the Internet. Everyone loves reading blogs about different topics, whether a student, a regular worker, or a retired individual. Write some interesting content that a potential student can use. If they use your blog for reference, it builds traffic.

As an additional tip, add your about page & up page for new users. After learning a lot from the blog, they can directly sign up and validate your marketing strategies.

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