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How to get the most satisfying ROI from Email Marketing?

Time and money are two precious things that need to be utilized properly.

If you have limited resources, you would probably think twice about investing your money and time in a business. Isn’t it ??

BUT when it comes to marketing, you can’t ignore Email marketing.

Email marketing is still the top-notch player when it comes to other communication channels.

With email marketing, you can develop relations with current customers and reach out to potential customers.

Before we get started let us know the top three benefits of Email marketing

Cost-effective Lead generation Easy to measure
You do not have to pay bucks to print, post, and forward emails to people. The easiest way to generate leads is by various strategies like campaigns, offers, CTA, incentives, etc. You can measure open rates, click-through rates, and subscriber rates without any hesitation.

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Here are the following ways to get the most satisfying ROI from email marketing –

Do you know which communication channel gives you the most ROI ???

Here’s a graph that shows –

Email marketing is one of the forms of digital marketing which uses emails to reach upto users.

Let’s get started –

Email marketing campaigns –

According to campaignmonitor, you will earn $44 for every dollar you spend on an email marketing campaign.

Through email marketing campaigns, you can get higher open rates and click-through rates.

You can turn your subscribers into customers. You can develop a trustworthy relationship with your customers.

An email marketing campaign can be successful if you have –

  • Precise and creative content
  • Attractive subject line
  • Short and sweet call-to-action
  • Email list segmentation to reach the target audience

Email marketing campaigns can attract leads in numbers. As a result, you can reach new potential customers and build stronger relationships with current customers.

Email marketing campaigns can be a useful tool to measure open rates, click-through rates, and subscriber rates.

You need to be creative enough with your email marketing campaign to keep your customers engaged. For example, you can add attractive subject lines, short CTAs to snag the reader’s attention.

Define the objectives of the campaign briefly.

Join an online community where you can find people of your interest who show interest in your content.

Investing time and money in email marketing campaigns is worth it as you will get leads. Though email marketing is cost-effective!!

Email list segmentation –

Email list segmentation ensures that emails are delivered to valid users and not to unnecessary accounts. It divides email subscribers into small segments based on a set of criteria.

Email list segmentation is done to reach people based on common interests specifically. You can easily find your target audience with list segmentation.

Email list segmentation means email personalization.

You can send more relevant content to users who share a common interest as you.

Marketers can use list segmentation to send emails containing tailored offers, product recommendations, and much more. Personalization in list segmentation will help customers to get what they want.

It will drive in more revenue as the list is created based on the choices and interests of the users.

Optimize through mobile –

Considering the global population which stood at 7.9 billion, over 6.4 billion are smartphone users – oberlo

Marketers are aware of smartphone users. They can reach their customers instantly as people spend more time on their mobile phones.

People spend more time reviewing products, services, purchases, subscriptions, and much more just on their smartphones.

The trend of mobile shopping has evolved and retailers have embraced a new approach to reach their target audience instantly.

One can easily generate traffic on the website through mobile devices. Mobile marketing strategy is a boon in the digital marketing world.


CTA is a very familiar term for every digital marketer.

Call-to-action is the next step that the marketer wants its audience to take.

CTA helps generate website traffic, open rates, click-through rates and, at the same time, intrigues people to know more about the product.

It is like a command to the user about what to do further. In short, it guides people through the sign-up process.

Call-to-action directly impacts the conversion rates.

Emails with single call-to-action increased clicks by 371% and sales by 1617% – wordstream

To get a fantastic amount of website traffic CTA is MUST!!


Engaging subject lines –

Email is the fastest means of communication, which connects people instantly. Communication through emails is the oldest yet the most preferred channel to reach people.

The subject line is one of the vital parts of an email, and it should be written so that it can quickly grab readers’ attention. Therefore, it should be brief, simple, and to the point. Making the subject line lengthy will reduce the interest of the user.

The subject line is like the center of attraction on an email page. You can add offers in the subject line, which can be eye-catching. It should be free of grammatical errors.

A subject line has the power to make your brand more effective. It increases the credibility of your brand.

Overall, a subject line should be such that it grabs the user’s attention at first instance.

Tracking customer engagement –

Tracking customer engagement is an important factor in measuring how your audience is interacting with your marketing.

Metrics used to track customer engagement

  • Conversion rates
  • Open rates
  • Click rates

Customer engagement tracking also determines how effective your marketing campaign is.

Customer engagement depends on the quality of your content, important links that you have provided, statistics, and much more.

There are customer engagement metrics which determine the conversion rates.

Building up a website should not be the only goal of the marketer. Rather, generating more leads and driving traffic on the website should also be a priority.

Focus on target audience –

Target audience refers to specific groups of people who have an interest in your products or services. There are myriad factors that determine the target audience.

The objective of the target audience is to target a specific market to deliver the right message at the right time and have a meaningful conversation.

Based on the demographic and behavioural characteristics, target audience is determined –

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Marital status
  • Profession
  • Income etc.

Conclusion –

Create your email marketing strategy today!!!!

This blog is our small contribution to expanding your marketing business by unraveling the nitty-gritty on ROI and how to earn from email marketing.

We can’t wait to hear from you.

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