How to eat and exercise to avoid acne

Because people have to eat every day as a routine. But eating indulgently until it can affect the skin and cause acne โฟมล้างหน้า  Even though it’s delicious, if you eat it and get acne often, it won’t be good. Let’s take a closer look at that. What foods cause acne?

Cow’s milk

Because in the cow’s milk There are a variety of hormones that can trigger acne. In addition, cow’s milk is a difficult protein to digest. drinking too much cow’s milk It will speed up the stomach to work harder to digest cow’s milk. This results in the excretory system in the body is not normal. Until causing imbalance in the body that can cause acne เจลล้างหน้า

Fried Food

Because acne is caused by blockage of fat on the skin. The more we eat fried food, it’s full of oil. The chances that acne will appear on the face is also very high.


This may be difficult. But even if it’s difficult, you have to do it. Because of all the sweets that the girls Our favorite is that it is rich in sugar as the main ingredient. which if the body gets too much sugar The body will produce insulin. to normalize blood sugar levels The production of this insulin makes our skin more fat. which when the oiliness increases blockage will follow. And acne will occur as well.

Alcoholic Beverages

In times of socializing, we may avoid drinking until we can’t dunk. But when did you wake up? Sue comes to say hello every time. That’s because alcohol is a toxic substance. which when the body receives it, it will be dealt with immediately through the excretion But excretion also causes the body to lose water. causing the body to lose balance The body therefore expels waste through the skin. Which came out in the form of acne itself.

When there are foods that can cause acne Our world is not too mean to produce food that helps reduce acne in order to create a balanced diet for us. For anyone who is suffering from acne In addition to drug treatment and facial cleansing Eating food to reduce acne can also help in another way.

by foods that reduce acne It is a food that is rich in vitamins, minerals, high fiber and low in fat, such as

  • Green leafy vegetables or fruits that are yellow, orange: which are rich in vitamin A. It has properties in removing wrinkles. and reduce inflammation of acne
  • Citrus fruits: contain a lot of vitamin C. to help build collagen in the skin And reduce wrinkles, dark spots caused by acne.
  • Marine fish: Fish is a food rich in omega-3s that help the skin to renew its cells. Reduce the dark spots caused by acne.
  • Water: the main component of the body that we cannot overlook. Because water, in addition to helping to add moisture to the body. It is also a helper to bring nutrients to the skin cells as well. Does not overdry the skin Until the body has to produce more fat than necessary, causing acne. And drinking enough water each day also helps the waste. be excreted without leaving toxic residues in the body Makes skin radiant, bright, acne-free

How to exercise to prevent acne problems

because now Just being beautiful alone may not be enough. Ladies, we have to ask for good health at the same time. but exercise Sometimes there are by-products. (That I don’t want as much) followed by that is the problem with acne itself. because when we up and down the body burns energy and discharged in the form of sweat which can accumulate until it becomes a problem with acne

But don’t worry. Because we can prevent acne as a result of exercise. In a simple way,

  1. Exercise without make-up : On the day that you have to exercise, we should refrain from getting full on the face, because sweat will have to come out until all makeup is removed anyway. Because makeup is a risk factor that can clog pores already. If mixed with sweat that flows while we work out, acne will occur.

It’s easy to do so when you exercise. Your face is bare, so don’t be afraid.

  1. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen : If you are a girl who likes to exercise in the open air. Whether running a marathon in the morning

or evening aerobics no matter when you have to go out of the roof Don’t forget to apply sunscreen because

Being outdoors with unprotected sun exposure. It can cause acne to occur as well, if you have to.

When do you go out? Put on the sunscreen.

  1. Choose the right clothes: because acne doesn’t always have to be on the face, back, shoulders or along.

The body can cause acne. And exercise makes us sweat all over the body. If we choose clothes that are more irritating to wear. Acne will occur, of course, so choosing clothes for exercise. It should be a lightweight, well-ventilated shirt, such as cotton. Avoid synthetic fabrics that tend to retain heat. make bacteria grow well and can cause acne Wear slightly loose clothing. to prevent friction with the body until it can cause injuries.

  1. Keep exercise equipment clean: hats, gloves, sweat towels. And various props in your exercise must always be kept clean, wash it often, do not let it accumulate until it becomes a reservoir of germs.

Exercise can help reduce acne too.

exercise In addition to helping the body fit and firm. It also helps to make your face clear, far away from acne. because of the advantages of exercise make various systems of the body into the way, whether

  • Help the excretory system better.

Exercise puts the body’s excretory system in place. because of the movement of the body causing the intestines to move with Helps to improve digestion efficiency. drive more Helps to drain waste in the body better when we can drive easily It’s far from constipation. which can also cause acne

  • Helps reduce clogging of pores.

Exercising heats the body through the pores in the form of sweat. which when sweating causes various obstructions Located along the hair follicles, along with the sweat that flows out, helps to reduce the clogging of pores. and cause less acne

  • Help us to go to bed on time.

Exercise takes a fair amount of energy. which will make the body tired and encourages us to want to rest more from people who used to sleep late But if you exercise, it will make us start to have some sleepiness like normal people. when the body wants to rest We’ll be asleep for a while And having a good night’s rest allows the body to recover itself very well. Acne is not visible.

  • Reduce stress.

Because stress is part of the cause of acne. But if we exercise often It causes the body to secrete endorphins. which is a substance secreted when we are happy and make our mental state in the right state can reduce stress get exercise It also makes us meditate. Reduce anxiety, too.

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