How to Create Okcupid Account Without a Phone Number?

Modern people have a quick pace of life. Thus, there is no wonder that they simply have no time to go on date offline. They tend to make new acquaintances on the Web. Due to this fact, online dating websites have gained incredible popularity. OkCupid is one of such portals.

Since 2004, the website has helped thousands of single users to meet couples, and make new acquaintances and friends with citizens of foreign countries. Nowadays, the number of registered users has exceeded 700 thousand people. Several thousands of users visit the website daily.

Benefits of OkCupid

The dating platform has the following advantages:

  • A wide geo of served regions. The website is available for users from over 130 countries around the globe. Thus, users can meet soulmates from any region;
  • Free subscription. Users get basic functionalities for free. Although paid services are also provided, all the standard functions are free.
  • A convenient filter. The audience is huge. A detailed filter with multiple parameters will help simplify the search process and speed up the choice of the desired candidates.
  • Percentage rating. Users can observe the statistics of answers, friendliness, etc. upon visiting a user profile.
  • A mobile app. The platform is mobile-friendly. Users can chat on the go and stay in touch with friends or couples wherever they are.

Feature of OkCupid Website

The system has a responsive, intuitive design. The interface is made in blue colors. The following tabs are distinguished:

  • Profile;
  • Search;
  • Matches;
  • Messages;

The functionalities of the portal are convenient. It is easy to find a filter and sorts our users. It is possible to ban unwanted users by adding them to a black list and mark appealing profiles as “Favorites”. Most functions are free; users can link photos, send some gifts, chat, and send photos. However, users can switch on Incognito mode, present more gifts, or enjoy a wider range of functions upon buying a subscription.

To launch your experience on the dating website, you should sign up to OkCupid. Registration implies specifying all the details about your appearance, gender, location, marital status, age, preferences, and desires. The registration procedure takes quite a lot of time. As the last step of registration, you should enter a phone number to prove your identity and verify a profile. If you want to keep your real number confidential, you can buy temporary phone number for SMS verification.

Is it obligatory to Verify a Profile on the Dating Portal?

The dating platform requires obligatory verification since the procedure serves as a security measure that allows filtering fakes, bots, and scammers. These means help improve user loyalty since the portal provides a guarantee that profiles are real and verified, and users won’t communicate with bots or fraudsters.

Reasons to Avoid Verification by Phone Number

However, the other side of the issue is that many users feel unsafe when browsing the Web. Moreover, dating websites are the most wanted destination for all sorts of scammers. The unwillingness to specify real contact info is determined by possible data stealing or leakage, which can result in right infringements, such as stalking or blackmailing. That is why many users try to bypass verification.

What are Online Phone Numbers?

Virtual numbers are temporary fake numbers that users purchase to register on websites and verify profiles.


  • 100% security and anonymity. In the case of a hacker attack, user privacy won’t be violated;
  • multiple account registration. It is difficult to check the trustworthiness of your online interlocutors. By creating a fake account, you can test your acquaintance for trustworthiness;
  • access to all web resources, including those ones that have local restrictions;
  • users do not lose numbers when traveling or relocating;
  • no need to buy a SIM card.

Where to Get this Solution?

If you want to create account on OkCupid using a fake virtual number, you should select a trusted service provider first. To do this, follow the guide:

  1. Visit several websites that provide such services and compare the offered terms. Make sure to check the following information: the codes of what countries are offered, what geo regions are served, prices and subscriptions, and available subscription tariffs.
  2. Register on the picked portal. Indicate all the asked personal information.
  3. Replenish your balance.
  4. Decide how many phone numbers and for what period you need.
  5. Submit a purchase query.
  6. Pay for the services.

When you get the number, you can set it up, as well as receive text messages and calls in your personal account via any voice device.

Next, get down to becoming a member of the OkCupid community.

  1. If you register via a mobile app. Download it first and install the software.
  2. If you use a desktop option, open the official website.
  3. Click on the “Join OkCupid” button located in the upper right corner of the home page.
  4. Enter your fake number.
  5. Receive a verification text code via a personal account.
  6. Complete account registration.

Dating websites are convenient and peasant places to make new acquaintances and meet friends and soulmates throughout the world. However, they can be insecure. To protect your privacy and avoid the violation of rights, you can use virtual phone numbers.

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