How to bet on the course of tennis

Live bets on tennis are very popular now. Especially often bettors make bets not before the match, but directly during the match. In such a situation, it is possible to see in what form the tennis players are in, who had a decline in the game, etc. How to place bets during a tennis match? Let us consider several strategies.

Bets on the tie-break

If betting on tie-breaks, it is necessary to take into account the psychological state of the players. If the day before a tennis player won back a solid deficit and made a break, he has a moral advantage on his side: he must bring the matter to victory. It is important to consider the effort put forth by the players in the match – the favorite player could have been relaxed and ready to play the decisive points while the outsider was on the court as much as he could.

Total over 7.5 after the first set 6-0

Often some tennis players lose the first set by a landslide. That doesn’t mean that one of the tennis players is that bad at the moment. Perhaps, when losing three or four games, the player decided to save his strength for the breakthrough. In that case, betting on more than 7.5 in the next set is an almost guaranteed “sure thing”. Confidence has to be backed up by a visual picture: it is better to watch the play-by-play in any case.

Even/Odd Game Counts

Here, all games of a game are added up, and whether the total is even or odd determines the outcome. These are equally likely values. It is unlikely that analysis will help you get useful information about what to expect. For novice players, experienced forecasters advise this strategy for learning how to play catch-up.

Betting on Breaks

Betting on breaks in tennis is very lucrative. Often the odds on a break even for a favorite are higher than two, which makes it possible to productively increase the amount of bets in case of a loss. For their correct calculation there are special formulas celebritylifecycle.

It is better to choose matches with approximately equal opponents in singles. The most interesting women’s tennis because of its unpredictability, because breaks in it – the usual phenomenon.

Strategy of Shchukin

In each game only one tennis player serves, which gives him an advantage. The most important games for players are the games in which the receiver wins. Sometimes two or three games are enough for an overall victory.

It is on breaks that Shchukin’s strategy is based. For its stability, it requires odds from 3. The strategy consists of a chain of losing bets, which breaks the winning link, with a gradual increase in the amounts according to the Martingale principle.

It should be remembered that the bookmaker always puts a margin in his quotes. But bookmakers are not robots. Their odds can sometimes be far from reality. It is important to look for favorable odds – and then the player will stay in profit.

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