How to Become a Certified VIP Protection Agent | Steps of Executive Protection Certification Program

If you want to become a VIP protection agent, or should I say bodyguard, then you must get professional training along with Executive Protection Certification. Without the certification or training, you won’t be able to become a protection agent. So, you must sign in with a good protection agent school, get proper training and certification.

Executive Protection Program

The Executive Protection Program is a field of study that covers or prepares individuals for protecting others; in simple words, this program prepares bodyguards. Now, this program covers and helps people to develop fundamental skills and procedures that bodyguards need for providing effective personal protection. Now, to become a professional bodyguard, you must have to complete Executive Protection Certification. And, to do that and to become certified as a VIP protection agent, you must have got a good course so that he or she can develop these qualities:

  • You must have to develop standards from an in-depth investigation of advanced surveys.
  • You also have to learn the importance of the Choreography of protection.
  • You have to learn the philosophies and the mindset that the protection specialist has.
  • You also have to know and review workplace issues and real-world residential.
  • You must have to be able to examine domestic and international transportation security issues. And, you must have to know how to counter-surveillance them and use the application to modern protection methods.

How to Become a Protection Agent?

You can follow these steps and become a protection agent:

Get the Guard Card

If you want to work as a professional protection agent, you must have to get a guard card so that you can work as a professional protection agent. Now, to get the guard card, you must have to register and get the required training; the training hours may vary from country to country.

Get the Security Exposed Firearms Permit

It is not mandatory that for all protection agents since all agents are not supposed to be armed. But, it is highly recommended by professionals that you should get a permit in case. That is because it will show that you are skilled and you are a professional and has those skills that can help you in many situations to provide protection.

Get the Certification in First Aid and CPR

It is very important for protection agents that they must ensure the safety of the lives of the clients. So, as a protection agent, you must know first aid and CPR so that you can save your client’s life when the situation requires it. Now, you must have to get the certification in first aid and CPR.

You can get certified by completing a course in training centers like Burlington First Aid

Unarmed Fighting Skills

As a protection agent, you will need to develop some unarmed fighting skills so that you can protect your client from all difficulties. However, you should consider gaining martial arts training that would be very helpful for you, and you will be able to protect your client from dangers effectively.

Get Tactical Firearms Training

It is also an important area of skill that you need to have if you want to become a protection agent. That is because you must have the tactical knowledge so that you can provide protection to your client.

Concealed Firearms Permit

It is also important for protecting agents from having this permit. Now, you must also get this permit so that you can provide better protection to your client. However, it is difficult to get this permit. But, you must have to get this one by any means so that you can become a VIP protection agent.


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