How Jumpsuits Became Popular in Fashion: Brief History of Jumpsuit ?

Jumpsuits are among the most functional and versatile clothing for women in today’s world. It is typically designed as a slim-fitting piece of clothing. It has a weird bit of history as it was originally designed in 1919 to accommodate parachuters. Today, it has become a global fashion trend worn mostly by women. The boiler suit or overall (a unique kind of jumpsuit) was less fitting and has practical applications. It was initially worn by males who worked in coal mining industries until the Second World War. 

From Practical to Aesthetics 

During the Second World War, women who worked in the army began wearing jumpsuits. However, theirs was designed to be more fitting and comfortable. The jumpsuit eventually became the first piece of clothing that evolved from workwear to popular in the global fashion scene.

Elsa Schiaparelli, an Italian fashion designer, created the first set of fashionable women’s jumpsuits in the 1930s. Although her designs sparked wide conversations in the fashion industry, they were only worn by few people. In the 1940s, Vera Maxwell, an American designer, started making jumpsuits with a sporty outlook. Yet, this jumpsuit which gained popularity in the streets did not attract the interest of many elite members of society. 

By 1950, some American designers had begun designing evening jumpsuits and were considering making it a fashion trend. Bonnie Cashin was a popular designer during this period. However, evening jumpsuits had to wait until the 1960s to grab the attention of the fashion industry.

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In September 1964, fashionable women’s jumpsuits debuted in Vogue magazine. Within two months of its first appearance, it became widely accepted by fashion enthusiasts and has never lost popularity since then. Today, women’s jumpsuits have successfully moved from being industrial wear to the modern fashion scene and can be worn by different people for different occasions. See some examples here if you’re thinking of shopping. 

The Evolution of Women Jumpsuits 

Women’s jumpsuits may have become popular for different reasons. However, it is mainly popular because of its versatility. That is, it can be worn for different occasions or events. Jumpsuits can be worn to offices, dinners, corporate events, and even after parties depending on the design. Below are five reasons why women’s jumpsuits have become increasingly popular over the years.

Jumpsuits Make You Look Fashionable Always 

Many women across the globe now consider jumpsuits as classic outfits. This is because jumpsuits can easily be worn along with modern styles and designs. Today, the latest versions of jumpsuits have eye-catching designs and are created to suit different occasions. Flexibility also plays an important role in the popularity of jumpsuits. You can style it anyhow you want and can also add other clothing accessories to spice things up. 

Some jumpsuits are designed to suit any kind of footwear including sneakers, high heels, etc. 

Jumpsuits Are Incredibly Comfortable 

Jumpsuits are among the most comfortable fashion items out there. Most of them are created using cotton or polyester, two soft fabrics that provide comfort to the skin. These fabrics are light, allow air to pass through and reach your skin, and can be stretched without losing shape. Jumpsuits make movement easier and more efficient. As a result, women prefer wearing jumpsuits that require maximum mobility. 

Interestingly, some jumpsuits are designed specifically for yoga purposes, offering maximum comfort to the yogist and allowing them to achieve full range in motion.

Jumpsuits Make Life Easy 

If your major purpose of looking fashionable is to look stylish, beautiful, sexy, and also feel comfortable at the same time, then jumpsuits are a perfect choice. With jumpsuits, age does not matter. You will always get the perfect jumpsuit to suit your age and personality and occasion. 

Jumpsuits are Designed to Make You Look Good 

Jumpsuits are designed to make you look good and portray your shape while boosting your confidence. However, you must always look for the perfect jumpsuits for your body. The most effective way to get a suitable jumpsuit is to look for the ones that complement your shape without leaving you with feelings of insecurity.

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Skin Tight Jumpsuits are Awesome

Skin-tight jumpsuits are designed to make you appear slimmer and taller if this is what you prefer. It also makes you look curvy especially when it is made of an expandable material. While there are other kinds of outfits that could make you appear that way, only a few will provide comfort and flexibility like jumpsuits. 

Getting the Perfect Jumpsuit for Your Body Shape and Size 

Jumpsuits come in different styles, sizes, and designs. For newbies, it might be difficult to determine the perfect kind of jumpsuit. You will find short sleeve jumpsuits, wraps, long sleeve jumpsuits, zipper-ups, and a host of others. These jumpsuits are also sold at different prices. So, how can you determine the right design for your body shape and size? Here are a few things to do when you’re trying to get a perfect jumpsuit:

  • Ensure it grips your waist perfectly ;
  • If you are not tall, look for a jumpsuit that can make you appear taller. You can also wear it with a jacket to create a more classy appearance ;
  • Look for a design that feels comfortable, and is made of expandable materials ;
  • Select the appropriate colors you know would match many accessories with little limitations. 

Jumpsuits have come a long way since their adoption in the fashion industry in the early 20th century. Although initially created for men to serve industrial purposes, it has grown to become a global fashion trend for women. In the modern world of fashion, jumpsuits are owned by a great number of women. It’s one of the few outfits that look good on everyone regardless of age, size, class, or height. 

Jumpsuits are perfect for creating a stylish and more beautiful appearance for women by complimenting their shapes. There is one for every occasion. All you have to do is choose the most suitable. You can find out the most iconic jumpsuits here today for a major wardrobe change.

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