How do hospitals employ the use of QR codes during the COVID-19 outbreak?

Now that QR codes are extensively used in marketing and advertising, the hospitals are also integrating the use of them in simplifying many processes with just a scan.

As they have become more beneficial as a result of the pandemic and the influence of Covid-19, they promote contactless information and have been incredibly useful for businesses, centers, and especially hospitals.

Every day, hospitals receive patients, and these sorts of facilities should have quick and safer transactions, not only for the patients’ benefit but also for the advantage of the personnel.

Hospitals can use QR codes to simplify their patient management system. It can assist hospitals in providing better patient care while also reducing administrative strain. By delivering ready and fast information with QR codes, you may also enhance the time efficiency and cost associated with each patient.

Several hospitals have already taken advantage of QR Code technology, which has shown to be extremely advantageous.

How can hospitals create a QR code?

With the variety of use-cases QR codes can bring to hospitals, sharing the steps on how to create to other health facilities that want to incorporate the use of them can help them reduce

  1. Open the best QR code generator with logo online and make an account.
  2. Choose what type of QR code you are using (example; File, URL, H5)
  3. Select the “Generate Dynamic QR code” Icon and create your QR code
  4. Customize and rebrand your QR code design
  5. Run a scan test and download your QR code

What are the benefits of using QR codes in hospitals and medical facilities?

As most hospitals and healthcare establishments are now integrating a new way to interact with their staff, patients, and others, the use of QR codes is bringing the following benefits.

  1. Reduces information acquisition delay
  2. Simplify many workload tasks
  3. Makes data organization easier
  4. Minimizes the amount of paper being used
  5. Maintains hospital social distancing measures

How are QR codes used in Hospitals and Health Care Facilities?

As QR codes are now integrated into many digital and contactless means for personal and business use, their integration in hospitals and other health care is can be seen in these following use cases.

Contactless Ward check-ins

Since doing wards inspection and patient check-ins are one of the most strenuous jobs doctors and nurses always have to go through to ensure their patients are okay and fine, individually checking the rounds chart is something that is highly discouraged during the surge of the pandemic.

Because of the limitations they face when doing ward rounds, their need to run a safe and ward check-in means is answered with the use of QR codes. Through their use of it, they will only need to scan the code to mark the time and agenda of their ward visit.

Portal for Registering Patient’s Digital Health Records

As most hospitals today are not relying on physical charts and record files to keep track of their patient’s medical records, QR codes can help them store their patient’s digital medical records without any worries.

By simply turning their digital medical record file into a PDF QR code, the entire patient’s health record in the hospital is now can be accessed with just a scan from it. In this way, doctors and nurses don’t need to chase the record keeper to get their charts and read their diagnosis.

Distribution of Medical Equipment

Another way for hospitals and health facilities can incorporate the use of QR codes into their institution is by incorporating the use of them in their medical equipment distribution monitoring.

As most medical equipment used by hospitals are single-use items like PPEs, gloves and masks, they can also create a QR code for each health worker to have as part of their equipment claiming means by simply scanning their issued code in the item dispenser.


QR codes can also help regulate health medications as part of their medical authenticity campaign. With their use of it, they can help employ and conduct campaigns against drug counterfeiting to protect patients’ health.

With all of this information, it’s also vital to select the best QR code generator available online to create a seamless solution to many hospital process delays caused by their call to limit interpersonal interactions between people.

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