How Can a Moving Quote Help You Plan Your Relocation Project Better?

Are you planning for any recent relocation? Well, if you’re planning, make sure to ensure early preparations for your upcoming move. You may know that moving is a hectic process to perform with ease. Therefore, it requires timely planning to achieve a hassle-free relocation.

However, proper planning should consist of everything associated with your next move. Only packing the household items isn’t enough to ensure a smooth move. Instead, the primary thing you should focus on is your moving budget. Especially if you have a very tight moving budget, you need to plan your move accordingly to avoid any problematic situation during your move.

An accurate moving quotation can help you to plan your moving project in a better way for sure. Considering the best moving quotes from one of the best moving companies eliminates several difficulties during a move.

Let’s discuss this in detail!

What Is a Moving Quotation?

Well, before discussing the importance of a moving quote, we should have a fair idea about the moving quotation. A moving quotation is nothing but the total estimated costs of a move provided by a moving company.

A moving estimate always depends on the requirements. The more you will have requirements; the more your moving estimate will be. So, you have to be sure about your requirements to get an accurate moving quotation. These days, the moving estimate is calculated online through the moving cost calculator. However, the reputed moving companies usually send their experts for a bodily visit to ensure more accuracy.

Know the Calculation Behind Your Moving Estimate!

Well, knowing the calculation behind your moving quotation seems necessary to achieve a more transparent idea. Usually, there are two types of move offered by the moving companies; Local move and Long-distance move.

Calculation of a Local Move

A move is considered a local move when the distance between origin and destination is not more than 50 miles.

The local move is estimated using the below formula;

(The approx. number of hours to reach the destination * Hourly rate of a moving company)

Additionally, the estimation may impact depending upon the add-on services, such as opting for extra labor, packing materials, etc.

Calculation of a Long-Distance Move

A move is considered long-distance when the distance between origin and destination exceeds 50 miles.

The long-distance move is estimated depending upon the gross weight of the belongings and the total distance covered. In order to get the exact weight, the moving truck is weighed after it is fully loaded with items.

Additionally, the long-distance move can be impacted depending upon the add-on services.

Know the Different Moving Estimates

There are three types of moving estimates that the moving companies offer. You can opt for any of the available options as per your requirements.

Non-Binding Estimate

The non-binding estimates are usually accurate. However, sometimes, it can be a little more or less than the actual quotation. So, if you’re opting for a non-binding estimate, keep in mind that you may be asked to pay a little more or less at the end of the moving process.

Binding Estimate

On the other hand, the binding estimates confirm the guarantee of the overall moving costs. This is the final estimate. If you’ve opted for the binding estimate, the moving company is not authorized to ask for the extra amount at the end of the delivery.

However, the disadvantage of opting for such estimates is that if the moving cost is lower than the original quotation, you won’t be able to get the extra amount back.

Binding Not-to-Exceed

Well, this type of estimate is the best-suited for the customers. When opting for such estimates, the customers need to pay the quoted amount only at the time of final delivery.

Now, the advantage is that if the moving cost is less than the original amount, you will get all the extra amount refunded.

Know the Importance of a Moving Quote

Well, it seems that you have gathered enough information regarding the moving quotes. Now, it’s time to know the importance of a moving quote.

  • An accurate moving estimate always helps to get rid of unforeseen moving expenses
  • An accurate moving estimate helps you prepare your moving budget with ease.
  • A moving quote helps to manage a tight relocation budget.
  • Having a moving quote makes you feel more confident during the whole moving process.
  • Moving estimates helps to reduce your stress and anxiety level so that you can focus on other moving-related tasks.


So, it seems that now you know almost every important thing related to moving quotes and the importance of having a moving quote. If you find this article helpful, please let us know in the comment section. Additionally, let us know about your recent moving experience.

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