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HouseMovies is an online portal site for almost four thousand free movies that are available on DVD. It has some of the most popular names in entertainment, which include Avatar, Sex and the City, The Hangover, Fastball, Bridesmaids, and A Few Good Men. On this portal, you can easily obtain all the top-quality films in the highest standard and can even stream live TV shows of other various genres as well. There are several features that make House Movies superior to other online portals.

The biggest advantage of House Movie is its My Download Tube feature. My Download Tube is a new and innovative way to instantly download house movies, TV shows or music videos. My Download Tube allows you to watch the movies directly from your browser without having to spend anything at all. To view a movie, all you need to do is to click on the movie’s title, wait for a few seconds, and then you will be prompted to download it.

The second biggest advantage of House Movies is its interactive interface. The interface of House Movies is very user friendly, allowing its users to access the entire platform with just a few simple mouse clicks. Apart from its easy-to-use interface, House Movies comes packed with many other features as well, such as the option to burn movies to disc, switch discs according to your choice and much more. The Android version of the app comes with a great looking interface as well, allowing you to view the movies from any device with a great clarity. Another great feature of the Android version of the app is its integration with the Google Android built-in apps such as Android Market, Viber, and Gmail. You can even sync your existing contacts as well as their respective information on your Android device through the application.

The third advantage of using House Movies on your mobile phone is that you can completely customize the home screen, allowing you to access movies according to your taste. If you are a fan of the TV shows “Northern Exposure” and “The Firm,” you can use the app to rent them directly from the official site. If you are a fan of the movies, you may choose to view the trailers of the films, which are available in various genres such as comedy, thriller, horror, action, thriller etc. When you are watching the movies, you will be prompted to either listen to the in-built music track or to watch the TV show trailer simultaneously.

The fourth most important advantage of using the House Movie app is that it is entirely free. In fact, there are no ads whatsoever that will pop up when you use this awesome mobile platform. Apart from being free, the app also offers the users the option to watch unlimited video clips, trailers of upcoming movies and TV shows, free games and a host of other features and apps.

If you think that there are disadvantages of using this amazing app, you should read through the reviews posted by users on the Google Play and App stores. The top review comments collect the more relevant data and help people make a better decision. These days, many internet users are finding it difficult to spend time on internet sites, especially the ones that offer downloadable content. Therefore, they make use of house movie streaming sites to access all their favorite movies. With a plethora of features and zero ads, this smart phone platform is a must-have for everyone.

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