Horse Betting Tips to Live By

Can you predict horse racing? Are you good at reading the trackers? If yes, then you might want to try betting on horses. For years, horse bettors have been able to enjoy their passion even though they don’t know much about horses. There are several ways you can increase your chances of winning. Read on top tips to maximize your odds.

Horse Betting Tips to Live By

1. Make an educated guess

You need more than just a hunch when it comes to picking winners. Thorough knowledge of the horses and their past performances is important if you want to win consistently.

2. The trackers

Trackers provide information on speed, distance, usa online gambling wins,weight and other aspects of each racehorse. This data helps you make better predictions

3. How many races in a season?

Horse races run for different lengths depending on the breed, age and sex of the horse. But most often, these long-distance contests last between four and five hours, which means that there’s a lot riding on every race. Therefore, you should only bet on one or two races per day.

4. Researching the track

The best way to find out if a horse has potential is by researching his previous performances. You can also look up the jockey who will be riding him and get a feel for how he likes to ride.

5. Avoid making bets too early

Most people like to place bets as soon as the race starts. You should keep this habit to yourself until after the first few minutes of the race.Did you know you can also play online pokies real money, if you not sure about your betting.

6. Start with small stakes

If you are new to betting, start with low stakes so that you learn what it feels like to lose money. Once you gain confidence, move up to higher amounts.

7. Calculate odds correctly

When calculating odds, take into consideration the speed of the horse, whether there’s a draw or not and what type of ground the horse is running on. It’s vital to understand the rules of probability to calculate the correct odds.

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