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Home Renovation: A New Look for An Old Bathroom

How does your bathroom look? Does it look like something from the 1990s? Could it use a little help coming into the 21st century?

Renovating an old bathroom offers one of the best returns on investment for home improvement projects. Even if you plan to sell your home in a few years renovating your bathroom could be worth your while.

It’s a big job, though. Check out the basic steps below.

1. Crafting a Plan

Before you can start ripping out old elements and materials, you need to create a plan. What should your bathroom look like once the dust settles?

Does your design involve changing the floor plan or leaving everything where it already is and simply updating the fixtures?

Do you need permits for what you plan to do? Does your plan fit your budget?

Consulting a professional bathroom designer is a great idea during this stage.

2. Choosing a Renovation Specialist

This is by far the most important step in building a new bathroom. You have to choose the right team to build it.

Many renovators are happy to serve as a sounding board for your ideas as well. Their experience in choosing the best design and way to achieve it is invaluable.

3. Starting Demolition

Many bathroom renovations require you to strip out old materials. Your renovation team will typically handle the demolition.

Renovation made easy! With the right team on the job, they will make quick work of the demolition step. Be aware that it does get noisy and dusty, so don’t plan on making important work calls at home during this time…

4. Necessary Tradies

An entire bathroom renovation requires the expertise of various tradies. If you’re rerouting or replacing wiring, you’ll need an electrician. A plumber is almost certainly needed to replace old pipes or add in new fixtures.

A plasterer will need to close up the walls after the plumber and the electrician are done. A waterproofer will seal up the walls and floor to help protect them from moisture.

If you’re going to install tiles, a tiler will be useful. Laying tile correctly is harder than you think.

The proper renovation team will already have all the needed tradies at the ready.

5. Install the Fixtures

Now you get to watch it all come together. Shower, tub, cabinetry, toilet, lighting, tapware and other fixtures will be installed. Your bathroom will finally start looking like a bathroom again — but better than the one before.

6. Add the Finishing Touches

Many homeowners choose to add the finishing touches themselves. This includes mirrors, perhaps some decorative shelving, decorations, and any other accessories that will make your bathroom more useful.

Enjoy Your Renovated Bathroom

Whew! You can finally breathe a sigh of relief that your bathroom is back in one piece again. Your first morning getting ready in your beautiful new bathroom will be such an exciting moment after all the work and planning that went into it!

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