High scoring topics in Class 9 English Exam

Students don’t have to give board examinations in Class 9, but their base for further classes is formed in this grade. Every student must have knowledge and understanding of all the subjects in class 9. Sometimes, students take English lightly and end up scoring low grades in this subject. One must have a thorough understanding of English to learn how to communicate and develop a better understanding of the language.

Most of the students neglect this subject and focus on the major subjects. They tend to think that they can score in this subject as it is easy. However, they are partially wrong. English is a scoring subject only if you understand and write accordingly in the exam. To score in the English exam of class 9, one must go through the question paper pattern, blueprint of the syllabus, and important topics from the syllabus.

Question Paper Pattern For The Class 9 English Exam

The theory exam of English is of 80 marks. The remaining 20 marks will be given on the internal assessment.

There are three sections in the paper – 

  • Section A – This section focuses on reading skills. In this section, there will be two passages given. You will have to answer a few questions that are based on this passage, after reading it. Answering this section will result in your understanding of the language.
  • Section B – This section consists of writing skills and grammar knowledge. In this section, you will be asked to write an article, story writing, letter writing, or diary writing. In the grammar section, you will be asked questions on the topics such as phrases and clauses, tenses, active and passive voices, Prepositions, and Determiners.
  • Section C – This is the literature section. The literature for class 9 has two textbooks – the Beehive English Textbook and Moments Supplementary Reader. Download the Beehive Class 9 PDF solutions from online platforms. This will help you in a better understanding of all the chapters and give you an idea about how accurate your answer should be.

Marking Scheme

Section A: 20 marks

Section B: 30 marks

Section C: 30 marks 

Total: 80 marks

There is not a particular chapter that can be studied to get more marks. All the chapters are equally important. The students must read the textbook completely as it will also help them practice reading unseen passages to tackle the question in section A. Understand each poem completely with the meanings of every paragraph. Remember the names of the poems and the poets who wrote them. There are chances that these might be asked.

Section A and Section B are easy to score in, as compared to Section C. In the first section, it is merely reading the passages and answering the questions based on them. The questions are asked in such a way that the answers can easily be found in the passage itself. However, one must be very observant to spot the answers. Sometimes, they might ask vocabulary such as the meaning of the word from the passage. You must have a better handle on the English vocabulary to tackle these questions.

Section B is a test of writing skills and one can score more in this section. For letter writing, it is important to write the letter according to the format given by the teacher. For the article writing, start the article with an interesting introduction. After the introduction, include all the points required for the mentioned context. Summarize all the points in the conclusion. Do not forget to maintain proper spacing between the paragraphs and do not repeat a sentence twice. For the grammar part, the questions are asked in such a way that you have to fill in the blanks, convert the voice of the sentences or edit or omit the words from the sentences. If you have a better understanding of English Grammar, you will ace this section. 

Section C is more of writing descriptive answers based on the reading and understanding of the Beehive and Moments’ chapters and poems. There are different types of questions for this section. These include the very short type of questions to long answer questions. Either way, you will have to study from the textbook to know the chapters and poems and answer accordingly. In the poem part, the questions are asked by mentioning an extract from a random poem and you have to convey what the poet’s intentions are or in what context he/she has written it.

Tips To Score More Marks In English Exam Of Class 9

Read thoroughly: Most of the students surf online for the summary of the chapters or the poems to save time on reading the chapters. This will only result in the loss of the actual sentences. You will not be able to provide effective answers in the exam. Thus, you lose marks by making a common mistake. Read the chapters thoroughly. If you do not understand a word, underline it. Find the meaning of the word on the internet or in the dictionary. By reading the textbook, you will improve your reading skills that can be helpful in section A.

Solve previous year’s question papers: Solve as many papers as you can to understand the type of questions asked. It will also give you more examples to solve when it comes to the grammar part.

Stay Relaxed: Do not rush and finish the preparation in hurry. You may forget what you have read. Stay healthy during your examination time. Exercise daily to keep your brain functioning more effectively.

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