Guidelines for Playing in a Cruise Ship Casino

Placing bets on a cruise ship casino is different from playing at a preferred US online casino. The feeling is like that of playing at a traditional land-based casino, although the rules that apply to both are different. The most popular games are the slots, but you will find other games such as poker and blackjack. Before you decide to play casino games on your next cruise ship voyage, here are important rules you should know.

Betting at an online casino while on a cruise ship

Not every state has legalized online casinos in the US. Although they are a great way to have fun, the rules are different while onboard a cruise ship. You can access an online casino while onboard, but you have to beware of the rules that apply. The most important is jurisdiction rules since some jurisdictions entirely prohibit online gambling, others allow it partially while others permit it.

Is there a casino on every cruise ship?

Not every cruise ship has a casino, but this doesn’t mean you will not enjoy your vacation if the ship lacks a casino. There are many other activities you can engage in on the cruise ship and enjoy to the fullest. Most cruise ships have casinos, though with the main exception of the Disney Cruise Line and the Norwegian Cruise Line Pride of America. The other large ships and a few smaller ships have casinos.

Type of casinos found in cruise ships

Cruise casinos are almost similar to land-based casinos, except that they are small. The main difference is the betting rules that apply. A visit to any of them opens opportunities for you to play and win slot machine games, poker, and blackjack. Some of the ships may have a roulette table, baccarat, or craps. Depending on the ship, some may have versions such as the Caribbean stud poker, Texas hold ‘em, three card poker, and let it ride.

Rules that apply in cruise ship casinos

Use of your phone to take photos, shoot videos or have excellent Instagram moments may not require observation of specific rules except minding other cruisers’ privacy. However, there are many considerations you have to make in a cruise ship casino. If the ship bears an American flag, the rules of betting apply to American rules.

A nation’s territorial waters extend up to 12 miles. After that, the ship enters international waters. When it approaches the territorial waters of another country, the rules change and apply to the gambling rules of that country. If the country doesn’t allow gambling, you cannot gamble within its territory until the ship returns to international waters again.

Other rules

Cruise ship casinos close when they approach the port and only open while in international waters. High rollers play at night, although the casinos close at certain hours. They have very attractive payouts, although gamblers below 21 years are not allowed to play. The stakes are usually low at about $1 or $5 in other games. Each casino may have a bar, but you have to pay for your drinks. You may decide to pay for your bets with cash or let it be charged to your room. If you are a smoker, smoking is allowed in cruise casinos.

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