GogoPDF: The Most Efficient Way Of Watermarking And Protecting PDFs

PDF is a file format that carries most of our essential pieces of information. Thus, you have to protect your PDFs so that other people cannot steal your file. Using GogoPDF, you can easily protect and watermark your PDF file in the fastest possible way. If you wish to know more about GogoPDF, check these out:

The Always On The Go Tool

Most people have wrong impressions of online tools. They think that using the traditional approach of transforming their PDFs gives the same result as using a web-based tool. Perhaps, the reason is that most people have no idea what an online tool can do and contribute to your PDFs.

An online tool such as GogoPDF has the most effective and quickest way of solving your PDF problems. For example, if you wish to watermark your PDF file, you will undergo several time-consuming processes if you use the traditional approach. But, if you use GogoPDF’s Add Watermark to PDF tool, you can create a watermarked PDF with just a few clicks.

GogoPDF has a system that is efficient and convenient to follow. Learning how to use this tool will give you advantages at your work, especially if you’re dealing with digital documents all the time. Also, you only need an internet connection and a device to access GogoPDF. Thus, this tool is always ready to be utilized by anyone.

How To Insert A Watermark To A PDF

There are several ways to protect the content of your PDFs. However, free access to some websites and online platforms has a lot of issues. Sometimes, other people will access your file and steal some of the essential content of that file. Also, when you post your PDFs on the internet, they will be susceptible to some dangers. Thus, you have to find a way to secure your file’s content.

One way of protecting your file is by adding a watermark to it. Once you watermark your PDF, you will have full ownership of your file. Hence, your file will not be prone to those thieves online. Using GogoPDF, you can place a watermark on your PDF file in just a few clicks. All the steps can easily be followed.

To start the process, you have to ensure that you have already prepared your PDF. Then, if you are using a computer or laptop, you can just drag and drop your file in GogoPDF’s tool. Next, you can now add the watermark that you want. Also, you can choose a variety of watermarks such as images and texts.

Watermarks are usually placed behind the document. The good thing about GogoPDF is that it will let you choose where to position your watermark. You can customize the position and watermark depending on your likes and styles. Once you already have the watermark, the system will automatically process your file.

Moreover, the time required for your file to be available will only take a minute. Finally, when it’s ready, look for your file’s link and click it so you can start downloading your newly watermarked PDF file. As stated earlier, the procedures are easy to follow. Even a beginner can easily and quickly do it!

How To Encrypt A Password To A PDF File

Almost everyone experiences the anxiety of having unauthorized access to their social media accounts. It is normal to get upset and anxious since most of the information in social media and webmail accounts is confidential. Thus, it’s only necessary to take extra measures to protect one’s account.

Similarly, if other people will open your confidential PDFs, you will surely be upset. Essential files containing personal information such as an address, bank accounts, and other information can be used to scam other people and gain something out of it that will only benefit them.

Protecting your PDFs, such as encrypting a password, is a necessary thing to do nowadays. Using GogoPDF’s Protect PDF tool, you can easily place a password to your PDF file in just a few clicks. Here’s a quick guide on how to do it:

  • Prepare to drag and drop your file in GogoPDF’s tool.
  • Type your desired password. It must have eight characters with upper and lower characters.
  • The system will process you, and it will be ready in a minute.
  • Finally, click your file’s link and start downloading your password-protected PDF.


Handling PDFs is not as easy as it seems. You have to protect your file from other people who might steal your file’s content. GogoPDF will help you with your task in protecting PDFs. Also, GogoPDF offers a free-trial promo, so visit its website now

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