Flat Fee MLS Companies in Maine

People who are willing to sell off their home, and wish to save the Real Estate commission amount seek help from Flat Fee Listing Services in Maine (US)!

Such services offer helpful resources, tools, and guidance on managing showings, and reviewing offers while selling a home.

What is a flat fee MLS listing service?

In a flat fee deal arrangement, the clients must pay upfront, decided earlier. A flat fee is the fixed price, that covers all the work that is to be performed as the time-intensive requirements. Ex: hourly billing, alternative fee structure, and contingency billing can cost prohibitive for home sellers and home buyers.

Also, flat fee services inherently involve legal work like drafting of wills, mortgage foreclosures, uncontested divorces, and more complicated procedures. The law firms follow a firm intake process to identify any warning signs that require a pricing structure for a case.

A flat fee considers a set – fixed price for a specific job, irrespective of the number of hours it took to complete it. It covers the direct costs of time and materials involved and the indirect cost of overhead expenses.

What does MLS stand for?

MLS stands for multiple listing services. MLS listings are an alternative to selling your home. Traditionally a real estate agent had to be there to carry on with the home selling process. Now home sellers can list their home/property on MLS listing websites and set it up for sale. Home sellers need to submit a fixed price (flat fee) to the MLS listing services for all the services they are offering.

What are the potential benefits of Flat Fee MLS?

From a broader perspective, the decision to go with a flat fee service is the aligned potential savings. But it is up to you to analyze whether the time and energy you’d spend selling a home on your own are worth the trade-off? 

Besides the toil, you can save upon realtor commission. Instead of 3% of the overall home selling amount, you will have to pay only a few hundred dollars. It will not be more than $299 – $399. If a home costs %250,000, you can avoid $15,000 (as commission cost), and do the groundwork yourself.

Additionally, you are in complete control, without any rush, or repetitive phone calls. You need to stage your home at the right time, to the right people, get the legal paperwork ready, and get the non-disclosure agreement papers ready.

If you may like, if you do not feel as much confidence, you may choose to tip flat fee listing services for more assistance, on-demand. 

What additional points should you consider?

You must be aware that you will be the central authority to acknowledge if anything goes wrong. You may need to hire a professional photographer to take pictures of your home, and a real estate attorney to handle legal contracts. Be ready to take such additional expenses into account. 

On a good note, do not hesitate to reach out to the MLS listing customer support. Assemble your simple listing request with a responsible team that is ready to help. 

How do flat fee listings work in Maine?

MLS Flat Fee Listing Services in Maine range from basic (limited service for 399), to enhanced (contract review for $999), to premium services (full service for $1,499). Basic MLS Listing Services that are prevalent across the Real estate ecosystem include:

  • No fee at closing
  • 6-month listing
  • 1% commission
  • 0% seller to buyer contract
  • up to 20 pictures
  • Access to property
  • Access to MLS partner websites
  • Access to social media
  • Customer care support via email and phone
  • Agent/buyer leads
  • Yard sign panel and stake
  • Money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 live receptionist support
  • Discounted renewal fee
  • Listed within a single business day
  • Includes contracts

Best Flat Fee MLS Maine Companies in 2022

  • Houzeo (Priced at $199 – $445)
  • Landfall Properties (Priced at $499)
  • BuySelf Realty (Priced at $399)
  • Discount Realty (Priced at $499)
  • Flat Fee Realty (Priced at $199)
  • I Sold My House (Priced at $299)
  • Flat Fee Group (Priced at $299)

List with Freedom (Priced at $89)

  • They list the property on the local MLS for a fixed (lowest) price. Their efforts can save you thousands of dollars, and it takes a few minutes to set up. 
  • Best MLS Listing Services like List With Freedom upload their listings to sites like, Zillow, and more. 
  • They forward all buyer inquiries to the home seller. It is fast and easy to set up the process. 
  • They make home sellers the central authority to decide buyer’s agent commission, disclosures, and listing forms. 
  • Home sellers can make changes to the listings as many times as they need.
  • Customer service is available all 7 days a week.
  • Home sellers can also cancel their subscription at any time, for any reason.

List With Freedom Reviews 

Testimonials from clients make them the most revered MLS Listing Platform in Maine (United States) in 2022. Have a look:

Multiple Listing Services in Maine make it possible for home sellers to list their homes for sale and keep 100% of the selling price. They list their property on the MLS for a Flat Fee and eliminate the listing broker commission. Home sellers only need to pay the selling broker commission if they find a buyer for you. And in case you find your own buyer, then you may not need to pay any commission.

For more information visit: List With Freedom Reviews.

Conclusive: Select the Best MLS LIsting Service in Maine

What are you waiting for? Leave aside the traditional way to hire a real estate agent, signing a contract with the agent’s company, giving a percentage of the home selling amount as commission, and keeping the rest with you. Try a smarter turnaround with most potential MLS Listing Services on the horizon, and save money.

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