Five things to consider when choosing a workout towel

Do you like to exercise until you sweat? And what kind of towels do you carry along with you to the gym? It should be workout towels. But why are these towels essential? They keep the spread of germs to a minimum as well as keep you cool and clean. There are many other reasons too since this towel is essential whenever you exercise. It is critical to opt for a soft and durable towel. It is also vital to select a towel, which can absorb water easily and dry out quickly. Furthermore, you should take the weight and size into consideration.

Given below are the prime factors to consider when choosing a workout towel.

  1. The material of the towel: Cotton towels are absorbent, durable and available extensively. Hence, most towels produced from cotton are helpful for workouts. Did you know that Terry cotton towels are a perfect accessory for a fitness enthusiast? But why is it so? Because after sweating a lot during the exercise, the towels absorb and dry fast enough to help reduce bacteria and mildew. Cotton is favourable for gym addicts who enjoy their fitness routines each day. But there are other materials; you might want to consider for your daily fitness routines. The materials are cotton-polyester blends, microfiber, linen and bamboo. Even though microfiber towels are a good option due to their absorbing and quick-dry power, cotton towels are the best choice because of their availability and durability.
  2. Time required for the towel to dry: Thinner towels deteriorate quicker than their thicker counterparts. Additionally, thinner towels don’t take much time to dry. If your towel is damp, bacteria and mould grow on them, which will cause hygiene and other health issues. So, whenever you obtain workout towels, you must wash the towels and let them dry quickly. Irrespective of the material and other features, your towel must be fully dry for the person to use. But you should not over dry them either. You must be wondering why? That is because if you over dry them, then a lot of lint is created. Nobody will want a towel with lint on it. To put a stop to excess lint, whenever you wash and dry the towels, remember to separate the old towels from the new ones since it is likely that the fresh towels will shed and create lint during the drying cycles.
  3. Absorbency: The other factor to consider is the towel’s absorbency power. Can your towel absorb enough sweat or water? Towels created from loops inside the weave of the fabric helps in absorbing sweat and water. Hence, if your towel has many loops, then indeed, your towel is much stronger. But the towels should not be very thick either as it leads to the growth of bacteria.
  4. The size and weight of the towel: Want a towel for your fitness routine? Check for a heavy towel that will absorb water quickly and be completely undamaged even after multiple washes. If you don’t wash and dry the towel properly, bacteria will breed on the towels. Some people purchase a small-sized handy towel, whereas others buy a large-sized towel for their workout. So then, which size towel should you choose? You can select the larger one if you plan to exercise for an hour or so. And the small-sized towel will be suitable for those who exercise for a minimum of 20 minutes.
  5. Softness: The towels should be soft and gentle enough to wipe out the sweat of your skin, predominantly the sensitive areas like your face. Premium cotton towels are an excellent choice if you want durability and softness in your towel.

Selecting workout towels are now unchallenging. Also, do take proper care of your towels always and continue your fitness routine.

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