A solar water heater is a device that utilizes solar energy for heating water. The system is usually installed above the roof for maximum exposure to incident sunlight. The system provides long-term free water heating for domestic and commercial purposes. Before installing the system, a user should be well-informed about solar water heater price. This article highlights crucial details about solar water heater with respect to price. The actual cost of installation will depend on type of materials used and user requirements. However, the underlying technology is same.

Requirements for installation of a solar water heater

Before commencing on the process of installation, it is absolutely necessary to be aware of local government regulations about installation and use of solar energy system. Some regions may require assessment to check safety and suitability of the project. This may result to additional expenses.

Below are basic requirements for installing a solar water heater

  • Strong pipes
  • Storage tanks – should be properly insulated to maintain the temperature of water when environmental conditions changes. Insulation minimizes het loss through wind, ambient temperature and other factors.
  • Valves
  • Taps
  • Pumps
  • Solar collectors

The price of installation materials is determined by quality and agreement between the buyer and seller.

Types of solar water heaters

The type of solar water heater depends on the type of solar water heating system. The two main types of heaters are:

  1. Pressurized and,
  2. Non Pressurized water heaters.

Pressurized solar water heater is more expensive than non-pressurized solar water heaters. The exact solar heater price is also affected by the type of build material. Stainless steel heaters cost more than galvanized aluminum models.

Below are 5 common solar heating systems. Heaters may have different brand names but they are basically designed for a select water heating system.

1. Thermo siphon system

Heated fluid creates convection currents leading to circulation of water between cold and hot water storage tanks. This system does not require water pumps; hence the solar water heater price is reduced. The rate of water circulation increases with increase in surrounding temperature. The system is cheap to install and is recommended in regions with high solar radiation intensity.

2. Direct-circulation system

Direct circulation solar water system has a freeze protection feature that recirculates hot water between storage tanks. The system should not be used in regions where freezing temperatures are common.

3. Drain-Down System

This is an indirect water heating system in which water circulates in closed loops. Heat is transmitted to circulating water via heat exchangers. To prevent convection loops, the collector water is drained by gravitational force.

4. Indirect solar Heating System

Water is circulated in a closed loop where heat is transmitted to circulating water via heat exchangers. The system efficiency can be as high as 90 percent.

5. Air system

In this system, air is heated in collectors and moved by fans using air-to-water thermal exchanger. Efficiency of this system is very low; about 50 percent.

To wrap up

Before purchasing solar water heaters, it is important to do a research on the chosen system and modern technological trends in solar water heating. Dealers in installation and supply of solar heaters can be contracted for safer installation of a solar heater. The solar water heater price can be obtained from suppliers or shops selling solar installation equipment.

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