Does God Care What You Wear to Church?

The Scriptures don’t provide us an outfit code for church. As a matter of fact, there is barely anything stated in the New Testament regarding the problem. The one flow which does deal with the topic is “I prefer then that everywhere the men need to pray, lifting holy hands without temper or quarreling; furthermore, also that females should decorate themselves in decent clothing, with discreetness, as well as self-control, not with knotted hair and pearls or gold or costly clothing, yet with what is correct for ladies that proclaim godliness with good works.”

Some Christians believe you must always spruce up for church. But the only passage concerning how to clothe for church cautions us concerning clothing as well expensive, not about not clothing expensive enough.

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Discreetness, reputable apparel, and self-discipline, not fussing over one’s hair or fancy clothing or jewelry. God does not desire us to give great deals of time and focus as well as cash to enhancing ourselves so we look ideal. Rather the Lord requires us to concentrate on adorning ourselves for good works. They are the only points Christ tells us regarding how he desires his individuals to dress for church.

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The major concern, of course, is the purpose of the heart: Who are you clothing for? What are you after? What message do you wish to send out? The fact is that though there are no right means to dress for church, there is an ideal mindset in dressing for church, a right attitude to reflect, a right heart to be shown by the selection of sanction and garments.

Several of the young ladies in our church have at times slid their shoes off throughout the worship service. Some have also sung in advance or played the piano barefoot. Some believed this was unacceptable. What do the Scriptures state? The only time the Bible refers to footwear in the presence of God is when God regulates Moses to take off his shoes since he is on the divine ground. According to this pattern, perhaps we should all remove our shoes in church!

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My little girl coped with a Christian household in Switzerland while she was discovering French. Their church considered it flashy to spruce up for church. One ought to dress humbly at the time present before God. Nowadays, the Bible does not instruct that concept either, yet it’s equally as reasonable as the individual who thinks you must dress for church. Every one of the principles is great, the longer we follow them by themselves as our sentences; however, don’t force them on others when the Scriptures commands it.

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