Creating a career path for Bangladeshi Students: Raihan Ahammed Shanto is making the impossible happen.

The most common job interview question wants you to know where you imagine in the next five years. Almost all of us want to see ourselves in a secure position with a good salary package and increments. Very few among us have the foresight to see that being an employee is never enough to be in your best form. Working freelance is the best option if you have a vision and unique working area. If things go in the right direction and you can make your ideas work, you will probably be able to create some jobs for others. Initially, it is not easy at all to create your space in the competitive world. But, braves take risks, and Raihan Ahammed Shanto is one of them. This person started his career very early. Being in the eighth standard and having the courage to start bidding on international marketplaces is not easy. Raihan did it and bagged many jobs quickly. Here in this article, we will get to know about this person personally and how he is helping the youth grow.

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Raihan’s background

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Raihan Ahammed Shanto comes from a big happy family of four siblings. Md Abdul Matin and Raushan Ara Begum are the parents of two daughters and two sons. The elder brother Rabbi is Santos inspiration and guide. Rabbi is the Pathfinder of freelancing in Bangladesh and started RabbiitfIrm. Rabbiitfirm is one of Bangladesh’s earliest IT firms and now thriving as one of the best. Shanto started his entrepreneur career with this RabbiitfIrm. He joined as the CEO of this company and brought some breakthrough. One of the most notable points about this IT firm is that it hires skilled students rather than professionals. University students are more compatible and flexible with schedules nowadays than most professionals. RabbiitfIrm understood the market and created a communication process between the marketplaces and the freelancers. As a result, the company can offer the best service within your deadline. And the best part is that you do not have to go bankrupt to avail of their best service. Creating a business module without exploiting the students was Shanto’s vision. After years, now we can say that he is successful in his mission of leading the youth to a productive and progressive path.

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Services Raihan provide

Raihan is a multidimensional brilliant. Earlier, he started his career in Web development and Marketing. Digital marketing was only taking over the business places. So, Shanto used his experience and foresight to come out of RabbiitfIrm and create something new. ShantoitfIrm is the new venture of Raihan Ahammed Shanto with a promise to provide better. Here this guy is hiring students as part-time workers to work on various projects. He is not only an SEO expert. Raihan Ahmed is one of the best managers when it comes to business with excellent HR skill. The guy has skills and can analyze the market well to bring out profit still contributing to society. Over hundreds of students are now working in this venture and Managing student loans or fees. It is a positive change in society that will inspire more leaders to come up front and take responsibility. Waiting for a stable job is not the goal anymore when you can work freely and help others. Besides, you can get Marketing services, or SEO offers if you are a growing businessman at a very affordable price. Helping others to grow is the motive of Raihan Ahammed Shanto‘s initiative. In five years, we will indeed see a youth leader making our country proud on the world platform.

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